07 June 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 20

134 of 365: The hydrangeas behind the garage are doing well this year.
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135 of 365: I'm a sucker for photos of kids with their tongues sticking out.
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136 of 365: This is not a great photo, but it does show that the sunflower is above the roofline with no end in sight!
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137 of 365: The natural framing of the sultan's palace on the Storybook ride at Disneyland looked neat.
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138 of 365: Papas and babies are harder for me to capture than mamas and babies.
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139 of 365: On the way out to dinner on Friday evening, I thought I'd test out a new piece of knowledge: capturing flare by decreasing the aperture (f/22 in this case). Not a great photo, but nice to know that the technique works well and easily.
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140 of 365: Lovely bokeh--looks like a painting to me. I really like how the pretty shades of green naturally frame the bud.
140 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

That last photo is startling to me (in a very, very good way).

Why is it difficult to capture papas and babies?

LH said...

I was afraid you'd miss the last one because it's so green!

First off, I hardly ever see fathers and their children together in the regular course of a day. And second...well, they relate differently to kids. Sometimes it's more kinetic, and that's hard to capture. I don't know, just something a little foreign about it.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It's green enough that I can see it, but I'm sure it's even more beautiful than my mind is compensating for (I don't know if that makes sense).

I'd love to see you what you see of fathers and their children; will you be exploring this subject one day?

LH said...

The problem is that my photography is haphazard and usually unplanned. The photos of kids you see are all from playdates so unless there happens to be a father there (unlikely), it doesn't happen. The other problem is that I define a good photo with parent & child as one that conveys tenderness...which is not always a suitable definition when it comes to father and child. It's just a different expression of love of which I'm not used to making a portrait.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, gotcha. That explains the wonderful immediacy I see in your photography (the playdates).

As for the tenderness, I can see that, too. I know in the 90's it was pretty popular to have a hunky, barechested male holding an infant, but I think it was more about art and contrast than it was about capturing the beauty of a specific relationship like in your pictures.