28 June 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 23

155 of 365: Last Sunday, I went outside and saw delicious airy clouds but didn't want to take photos of just the sky. So, I kept looking up until I saw our (now over 12 feet tall!) sunflower. It's odd that to my eye, the best non-human photographs are the ones that look most like paintings.
155 of 365

156 of 365: Bubble popping is serious business. We were rushing out the door from this playdate to get to swim lessons on time and sometimes that rush works so that I get less posed, wonderfully candid photos and sometimes it just looks rushed:
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157 of 365: I'm still working on (and failing at) capturing families well enough that they don't look like you handed your pocket point-and-shoot camera to Aunt Ethel with cataracts to blindly snap an awkward picture. My apologies to all the eagle-eyed, sharp-shootin' Aunt Ethels of the world.
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158 of 365: Lemme outta here!!!
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159 of 365: Seriously, how does her mother get anything done during the day? If I were her mother, I would just sit and stare and bask in her beauty all day long!
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160 of 365: Our corn is growing growing growing! That pinkish tuft of silk has become much darker and longer. So interesting! I've never grown corn before so it's a learning experience for me as well as the boys.
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161 of 365: I love that kids are happy playing in the dirt and collecting rocks and pine cones. You know, they don't get addicted to video games unless we bother to introduce it to them!
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25 June 2009

Chillaxin on our vacay

The nice thing about staying with relatives is that we got to hang out and do nothing for a few days.

You know why the boys are applauding and looking so pleased?

Because I stopped the car in front of a mall construction site and let them watch for a full 30 minutes.

Here are some pics of the boys just hangin' out during our road trip.

I love this pic of A2 in his cousin's backyard. Man, you can take the boy out of Asia, but you can take the Asia out of the boy. Check out that stellar squat!

24 June 2009

Cousin S, a little empress to the end

Prior to having two rowdy boys take over her home, my cousin's wife was under the impression her daughter was quite a tomboy. But as it turns out, S is pretty dainty compared to her rampaging cousins A1 and A2.

They tried to show her the awesomeness that is rockets and cars.

But she remained unconvinced.

Even after A2 taught her how to play with the cars,

...she heeded his advice, but with her own feminine flair (notice the two pinkies?).

One afternoon, we had a bubble solution spill. And of course, the boys got into it right away.

Cousin S joined the fun, but couldn't quite get into it.

She'd rather just stand around looking adorable.

Of course, she's not always that delicate...you should see her pack away the seaweed!

By the way, do you know how hard it is to try to capture 3 kids all smiling at the camera?

It's very very hard!

Some might even call it an impossible task!

23 June 2009

A visit with cousin S

We may have visited the Getty, the Santa Barbara Zoo, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium along the way, but our family road trip was really primarily aimed at meeting my cousin (who is far more like a brother to me) and his family.

Here is my cousin and his too-cute-for-words baby S, who is not so much a baby anymore as she is a running, babbling, ball of energy and smiles!

And she's squirmy too.

Oh so squirmy!

But her mama knows exactly how to soothe her into a calm state.

It's probably the babywearing...but I'm sort of biased in that direction. (That's my Earthy Rainbow, for those in the know.)

22 June 2009

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Because we arrived in Monterey (from our stay in Salinas) much sooner than we'd anticipated, we stopped off at the beach. Wow...vastly different from the beaches to which we're accustomed in our native So Cal. We, the kids especially, enjoyed it immensely!

And here is James's entry for 2009 Father of the Year...
(Don't worry, A2 is running away laughing!)

The aquarium was amazing with a huge variety of wild and wonderful creatures, but for some reason, I was drawn to the more commonplace seahorses and jellyfish.

The kids had a great time...I guess. It's not like I have much photographic evidence of it--see the aforementioned statement regarding my bizarre fascination with Hippocampi and medusae.

Hey! What are James and A2 doing in front of my pic of the jellies!?!

21 June 2009

365 Photography Project, Weeks 21 & 22

I don't like to post twice in a day, but if I don't squeeze these 365 photos in during their usual Sunday slot, they will just languish among the list of lonely, unpublished posts.

141 of 365: James's motorcycle. He's not fond of the artsy views, but we both seem to like this one.
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142 of 365: Jacaranda!
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143 of 365: Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses watch the tree trimmers.
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144 of 365: Ordinary picture of an extraordinary circumstance--she's a runner who wants neither to look at nor smile for the camera.
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145 of365: This one is less of a triumph than yesterday's pic because she's a smiley ham...and I LOVE it when she poses for the camera!
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146 of 365: Gorgeous buildings at the Getty and on what do I focus? Closeups of the succulents!
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147 of 365: My first real viewing of a meerkat was of a very very fat one...now when I see these normal-sized ones, I wonder why they're so skinny.
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148 of 365: Jellyfish are freakin' awesome!
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149 of 365: We spent 4 days in my cousin's place. This is his delicious daughter who is just too cute for words!
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150 of 365
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151 of 365
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153 of 365: Eeps! Losing light and no photo-of-the-day yet!
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154 of 365: While obviously not always the case, I find young children look to their mothers for internal exploration and to their fathers for external exploration. I've also observed that these forms do not coexist simultaneously. It's always interesting to me when one parent recedes to the background and how they switch off.
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