21 May 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. I got pictures of the pansies before the rabbits came and ate the entire patch. Okay, you're sensing a small amount of ambivalence. Hmm...not the best foot on which to start a Thankful Thursday list.

2. I love that tracks from different train sets all fit together. Since the boys have no idea who Thomas is, they don't mind the generic sets from Target or Ikea at all.

3. I am thankful for chubby hands...that they exist and that I have the time, energy, and ability to appreciate them. This particular pair belongs to A2.

4. Our yard smells so sweet! Do these honeysuckle flowers look like they're in the middle of a boxing match to you, or is it just me?

5. I can throw together a strawberry cheesecake lickety-split!
strawberry cheesecake

6. Life through my boys' eyes is wonderful! I mean, without their viewpoint, spying a lizard catching and eating a cricket in the garage might be pretty gross instead of pretty awesome.
cricket food

7. I've been lurking on the discussion forums and seeing how much people have invested, financially and otherwise, in making their single trip to Disneyland. I can't even believe how lucky we are to have visited Disneyland almost 20 times since we got our (relatively very inexpensive) annual passes in February. Instead of racing from one attraction to the next, worrying about how much we'll fit in, the boys and I have to opportunity to do leisurely things like following the marching band around.
marching band

Thus ends this lucky 7 list of things for which I'm so grateful.


Ivan Chan Studio said...


Pictures and words!

And by the end of it, the ambivalence wasn't as present, if not completely absent.

It's interesting that it's comparative, but maybe that's how one knows to be grateful?


LH said...

Talk about ambivalence! I've always been ambivalent about needing darkness to see/appreciate the light. I mean, really? Do we really need the darkness? How much? Is there full reciprocity such that you can only see as much lighness as the depths to which you have experienced darkness? I know, I know, you can't free yourself until you realize that you're suffering. But something about it all is so...pessimistic. Or maybe it's just a temporary melancholy affecting me. Eh--I'll see it differently in about 5 minutes. See? Ambivalent.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I remember you had a similar feeling with the Jellinek Curve (hitting rock bottom before rising above one's troubles/addiction).

I'm not sure that people need to know certain things (ignorance is bliss and I'm okay with that--I value insight but I know for some it's overrated), but to know them, yeah, contrast helps.

It's funny, though--people who tell me they hate California weather respond to my questions about what they love about the seasons in terms of what they get to do that's opposite of their "extreme" seasons: in winter, the snow and ice isn't wonderful by itself, it's being warm and cozy; in summer, it's not the heat and humidity, it's getting to be cool in shorts and swimming pools.

Hm. Isn't this what makes Asian cuisine good, too? (Including the candy cuisines of Southeast Asia!)

attorneymama said...

LOL, we follow the marching band around about once a week. It is our favorite Disneyland passtime. We watch them at the entrance at 10 and then the castle at 11 and then we follow behind them to the entrance on our way to our car. So much fun. Sometimes they let Ben conduct a song. :P

LH said...

Attymama, you know all the tricks! We have yet to ride w/ the train conductor, but will have to try before the summer blockout.

I, and yet I will tell it's the dang heat & humidity that I hate. Not enough cold weather, I say! Mmmm, you have salivating for some candy cuisine!

Minako said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site... I see that you also love Disney... me too...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!