10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

See that smile? It's totally fake! A1 was posterior and 11 hours of pushing and vacuuming wasn't enough to squeeze out his sunny side up, 8 1/2 pound body. I'm happy I tried, though.

Strangely, I'm even happier I had an emergency c-section because it gave the docs the opportunity to excise the cantaloupe-sized tumor that was apparently obstructing his exit! I was startled by its size when I got to see it for myself.

See that smile? It's totally real! I run in a VBAC, home birthin' kind of circle so the notion of a scheduled repeat section is a bit unusual. Still...see that smile?

Instead of feeling like I'd been hit by a truck as I had when I welcomed A1, I felt totally relaxed and able to take in the experience of A2's birthday.

It's so strange that even in these photos of my very first meetings with the boys, they are exactly as they are now. A1 is quiet and reserved and A2...well...he emotes more--you always know when he's happy and when he's sad.


H F W said...

You were one cute pregnant lady! I admit -- I am surprised to hear that you had two sections considering your AP friend circles.

LH said...

1st section couldn't be helped, but the 2nd section was gently recommended by my doctor. She'd been so open-minded about letting me try to deliver vaginally the 1st time (even tho the US was not so promising) that I assumed she wasn't just steering me toward the more convenient option for her.

But then again, the boys are fully vaxed on schedule too. Strange that I seem too crunchy in some circles and too soggy in others!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Thank you for sharing these.

I'm sorry you had such a difficult delivery with A1.

But man, that smile? Remember that time I was throwing up and still on the phone all composed and stuff? "HURRRRRKKKKK!" "Are you okay?" "Hm. Yes, just a moment! HURRRRRRKKKK!"

(So what does it mean when I think my own misfortune is funny?)


Ivan Chan Studio said...

HEY. So what up with the cantaloupe-sized tumor?


LH said...

Well, I'd hate to think that you only consider others' misfortune humorous. Good to be fair and balanced about these sorts of things.

Tumor was benign but with the hormones of pregnancy and the fact that it tapped into a huge blood source, it kept growing and GROWING and G R O W I N G!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Did you feel it at any point before they removed it, or was it obscured by da baby?

LH said...

I could feel it throughout the pregnancy, but before he got big enough, I could actually see it. The bilateral symmetry of humans allows for us to notice quite easily these bizarre asymmetrical shapes (it was on the left wall of the uterus).

Too bad those Talosians didn't notice the symmetry and made one of Capt Pike's arms longer than the other! heh