30 May 2009

Forget Justin Timberlake. Spock just brought SexyBack!

Oh, woe is my neglected blog. If I haven't disappointed my 10 readers enough by posting only every blue moon, then this sci-fi-heavy post will surely alienate the remaining 2 readers! Heh. I said alienate. Heh.


I think that clicking sound was the last of my readers navigating away from this page as quickly as their left-buttons can find the Back arrow.

Okay, so here's the thing, my love of science fiction is not as bizarre as it might seem at first glance. I think the fantastic nature of science fiction allows for incredible storytelling through parable. And what is more ancient and enduring than the allegorical tale? Let's look at this particular narrative through Spock's journey. He is the Commander--of our beloved Enterprise of Star Trek lore and of his own destiny. And even then, he struggles. Like Dorothy who possessed her own passage back to Kansas the entire time, Spock also possesses his own answers and resolution. But Dotty and the green-blooded hobgoblin are both distracted by the pressures around them to realize that in each of us awaits great potential ready to be actualized as long as we are willing to listen to our hearts, willing to risk following our bliss.

Of course, it's a great miracle that I am able to type any of this. Star Trek's future is so bright, I should have worn shades (yes, thank you very much, I got the symbolism of the lens flares after the first hour or so of blinding light) but at the end of the day, if you attach J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof to any project, I will likely love it. And if you mix in even a little Star Trek mythology, I will definitely love it. So what can I say? I loved it!

Oh, and for those casual folks who have stopped by upon my begging, here are photos of the boys...so you can actually tell this is my blog and not that of a rambling, photon torpedo-loving, amateur photographer who doesn't ever sew:
towel guy


Michelle said...

I lovedlovedlovedloved the Star Trek movie and I'm not even a big Trek fan! It was such a great way to reboot the series, bringing in and satisfying all types of movie goers, trekkie, geek or not! LOVED IT.

H F W said...

I'm going to have to send my husband to your blog. He will be SO impressed that there are other wives out there who like Star Trek ... because I don't think I'm one of them. ;)
I miss your posts, but mine are becoming farther and fewer in between, too. Such is life when the weather gets nicer.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Okay, the pics of the boys are adorable! Especially A2 all wrapped up with that devilish smile on his face.

As for Star Trek, I forgot that you have this thing for Lost. I'm working my way through Battlestar Galactica (and will suffer through DS9 for similar reasons as yours) and will eventually get to Lost.

I've heard great things about J.J. Abrams and look forward to Cloverfield eventually.

So--Star Trek. I need to see it again. The whole thing took me by surprise like an SUV blindsiding my sedan. I was fine until a certain someone died and then I became very upset and it dawned on me that this was an actual reboot with a new OS!

I appreciate the reboot because it means they're not locked into old continuity. There's so much more freedom to tell new stories and have a brand new look (yes, the interior designer in me loved the ships).

To be honest, I think because a certain someone in my life is having a health scare (trying not to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it), the events in the movie had a more personal impact. Thanks, countertransference!

I'll have to watch it again when I'm not so emotionally warped. (Heh heh.)

I did love your use of "alienate." :)


LH said...

Michelle & HyFi, unlike you, I am a HUGE fan, having seen every episode of every series and every movie--not to mention the books and...um...merchandising. But this movie established so much history by taking the time to develop characters and relationships, and was so emotional and funny too that even the casual movie-goer could enjoy it as an action movie.

I, Lost is unusually intelligent story-telling (if you're able to see the structure & symbolism and have read the source material, which I know you can and have), but much of the interesting component of Lost has to do with its meta-experience...the concurrently running games, websites, fan forums, podcasts, etc. And most importantly, the interplay between the writers/producers and the audience--that there is virtually direct communication between the two entities. I LOVE Lost (and J.J.'s other current series Fringe) but I would (almost) not suggest catching up by DVD because you gain the Lost episodes but lose out on the Lost experience.

Jennifer said...

Wait, along with all the other cool stuff about you, you're a SciFi geek too? You rock. The end.

LH said...

Alas, I'm no gamer. All the cool kids are gamers.

attorneymama said...

Phew, thank goodness there were pictures of the boys in that post. ;)

LOL, just kidding. I am glad you are back to blogging because I get bored when no one writes!

LH said...

Attymama, how could you possibly ever get bored!?! You have so much daily entertainment at work! ;)

Brett said...

I'm so jealous you got to see the new movie. How dare they release it one week after I gave birth? I console myself with those Burger King commercials until it arrives on PPV.

Also, they are showing the original series on KDOC, and the colors are amazing. Did they remaster it?

LH said...

Brett Crème Brûlée (that's James's endearing nickname for you, by the way!), having babies is so inconvenient! Didn't Duran Duran sweep into town when you had L?

I understand that this director will be making a trilogy of the reboot, so maybe you'll be able to catch the 2nd and 3rd installments as long as you schedule your child-bearing accordingly!

Many many years ago I caught the remastered version of the original series on the Sci Fi Channel. How can you not fall in love with all that cheesiness?

Rachel said...

I'll raise my hand as a SciFi Geek too! For Star Trek, I never watched the OS, but have seen most of the movies and am a huge Next Generation as well as Voyager Fan. Couldn't get into DS9 or Enterprise.

I loved loved loved the new movie (one of only 3 movies I've seen in an actual movie theater since Claire was born). My hubby and I also watch Fringe.

Other past SciFi faves: Firefly/Serenity (TV show / movie)
Ender's Game (book)

LH said...

Rachel, I couldn't get into DS9 either and STILL watched every episode--that's so sad! Hulu has some Firefly episodes up; I think I'll try a few now that you mention it.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I second the Firefly recommendation--do see it in order if you see it!

The series took me by surprise. I don't want to say too much more about it so I don't color your opinion of it either way.

LH said...

I suppose my opinion of Firefly is already colored because of I'm familiar with Whedon's Buffy, Angel, & Dollhouse.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, that's true! But I won't be adding to the dyeing. :)

I don't enjoy his other series as much.

Rachel said...

We have the complete series on DVD (including a couple never-aired episodes) plus the movie. You are welcome to borrow them! Oh yeah, you don't have a TV...but maybe you can play them on your computer?

We watch Dollhouse and hated the first episode, but for some reason I didn't cancel the series recording so we kept watching and somehow got sucked in!

LH said...

I-Man & Rachel, what have you done to me!?! As of this morning, I've already watched 10 Firefly episodes and have only 4 left to go...I'm WAY diggin' it and would love to borrow the movie sometime (yes, I view on my laptop during the boys' naptime). Weird to see Alpha on Dollhouse after having known and loved him as Wash, huh?

Rachel said...

10 episodes, already! lol! The thing that sucks though is that you fall in love with it and then get so sad when you realize that the series was cancelled long ago and there won't be anymore :(

I just found out my husband loaned the movie to his friend last week. As soon as we get it back, it's yours.

Yes, Alpha was a total departure from Wash. Was not used to seeing him be so evil!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Don't know about Alpha, but I'm glad you're enjoying the series so much!

When you're done (including the movie), visit fireflyfans.net and you can get the translations of the Chinese spoken during the show (some offered by yours truly).

I started watching Serenity again last night! I don't own a lot of stuff, especially DVDs, but like Rachel, I own the entire series and the movie, too.

Eventually I'll own Northern Exposure! :)


Rachel said...

Luckily my husband speaks/understands Mandarin, so I always made him translate for me while we were watching (oftentimes requiring us to hit rewind since he said they were either butchering it or it was some chinese swear/slang word he didn't know!)

Northern Exposure was another one of my all time faves. I didn't see it when it first ran, but caught it in syndication and was hooked.