18 May 2009

Confessions of a lazy mom

I know mothers who plan for half a year leading up to their children's birthday parties. I've attended those parties and been awed. I am, sadly, not one of those moms. First off, I feel every day should be special so I exert my energy fairly evenly throughout the year (Good excuse, huh? You buyin' it?). Second, I didn't grow up with big birthday parties. And I didn't mind it at all--I never felt like I was missing out on anything.

This year, A1 had a "Special Day" at school (his class has 24 kids and each one has had or will have a Special Day on or near their birthday during the academic year). The class sang to him twice and he got to wear special birthday garb. I brought in the designated snack (hot dogs, chips, BBQ baked beans--it was Western Day), cupcakes, and goodie bags with leis, bubbles, and noisemakers to hand out to his classmates. Yes, folks, I convinced A1 that that was his party. He couldn't have been happier about it, too!
special day

I would have felt guilty* about scamming him out of a real birthday party, but the next day, we got to Disneyland on his actual birthdate and received a no-strings-attached gift card for $59. He left that day with so many gifts, he felt like he completely looted the place!

The only other thing he asked for was a rainbow cake. So I gladly obliged.
rainbow cake 1

* Okay, I'm completely lying here. I totally feel guilty even though he showed no sign of disappointment at all.


H F W said...

Oh, Lam, if you are the lazy mama, I am the supremely ultra-lazy mama. I didn't plan for DS's bday until two wees before it happened. And it went well and he totally doesn't remember that I hand made his invitations with a beach theme because he loves the beach. Oh well. LOL!
Also, love these nicknames you're coming up with.

attorneymama said...

That is the coolest rainbow cake ever. I made Ben a BRIGHT green cake this year, which was a total hit (good thing because it was a $2.29 Moist Deluxe boxed cake).

I cheat for every birthday. The kids don't know the difference...yet.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It sounds like he had a great time on both days!

Guilt is natural, and I'm sure you'll explore its meaning in this situation, not to mention taking day trips to it every now and then. :)

You really do give your kids a lot. And that rainbow cake is awesome! I didn't have big birthday parties when I was a kid and when I tried to have one like the other kids, it was a disaster. Hm. Haven't revisited that traumatic memory for decades.

Anyway, what I remember most fondly were the Bundt cakes that my mom used to make.


Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I'm cracking up! I LOVE your confession. We have Confessions of a Lazy Mom each Tuesday and you fit right in! I would totally have tried to play off the birthday party too. Well played!

Lucinda said...

Oh mama don't feel guilty.I would have done the same lol! Nainoa is gonna be three and this is his first b-day party!lol!I'm totally lazy when it comes to stuff like this lol! It's a lot of work and not to mention $$$. I'm not one of those moms that takes their kid every month to get photos done or any other crazy thing like that. Sounds like he had a great time and that's all that matters! Yeehaw!

LH said...

Look at these awesome guilt-defying responses! No wonder I love blogging! Thanks, guys.