06 May 2009

Balboa Island

Balboa, formerly known as Balisle, is a man made island that was dredged and filled right before World War I.

Balboa 1
I was afraid that with all the Disney boats we've embarked, the boys wouldn't be entertained by the ferry ride over to Balboa. As it turns out, they are very easily impressed.
Balboa 2
Balboa 3

It was H O T. Poor A2's face was so red!
Balboa 4


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'd probably kill my kids because I wouldn't be able to see them turn red!

I've been paranoid about my sty for this reason...a few friends have been like, "How's your OH. It's red."

I would have never known.

Yes, yes enough about me. I'm glad they had a good time on the ferry ride and enjoyed Balboa Island!


LH said...

Ha ha ha!! I'm sick, I tell you! Why is pain so funny?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I've been trying to figure that out today, because a friend was like, "I'm siiiiiick..."

And I started laughing hysterically.

The thing is, it's not schadenfreude exactly--I don't derive pleasure from someone else's misfortune.

I just think it's funny, funny, funny!!

I laugh at tragedy!


Yes, you're sick.

H F W said...

I love the picture of the boys side by side because it shows how much their age difference is diminishing. I hope my boys like each other as much as yours seem to!

LH said...

H-Dub, your boys will be awesome together because the Toddler is way cool and getting cooler everyday and because you and DH are fabulous! I think much of sibling rivalry is the actualization of our own expectations. I, myself, expected happy, supportive siblings and a house full of love and laughter.