31 May 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 19

127 of 365: I present the most boring view of a ferris wheel known to man:
127 of 365

128 of 365: Completely unprocessed.
128 of 365

129 of 365: Bought a pound cake instead of baking it, used canned whipped cream instead of whipping it.
129 of 365

130 of 365: No amount of pleading or bribery will get a kid to sit up for smiley pose if she doesn't feel like it. And then you get better pictures than you would have if she'd sat up for her smiley pose!
130 of 365

131 of 365: Fierce! Work it, girl!
131 of 365

132 of 365: The gates of Pioneer Park
132 of 365

133 of 365: Cosmos
133 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

The cosmos grab me!

Regardless of the semi-homemade approach to the pound cake, it is beautifully photographed and looks delicious. Makes me wanna have some.


Amber Riley said...

That picture of Ella is so darn cute!!!

LH said...

I, I love cosmos. Such the archetypal flower with the yellow centers and the pretty pink petals.

Amber, Ella is such a little stinker! She's just the most gorgeous thing in every single photograph I have of her!