24 May 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 18

120 of 365: It seems not everyone is eager to get a free photo shoot! My poor baby cousin ran to her car and zipped away from our Grandparents' house when she saw the camera.
120 of 365

121 of 365: Sometimes, it really is that funny!
121 of 365

122 of 365: Savvy BWers can see a FWCC with Kipawa, which happens to be part of my permastash. Heh. Jargon is funny.
122 of 365

123 of 365: Eh.
123 of 365

124 of 365: Couldn't get this shy guy to smile at the camera for the entire playdate until he finally started giggling...and promptly put his sippy cup in front of him to hide from me! What a cute little stinker!
124 of 365

125 of 365: More chocolate & cream than black & white. I love it. I really love it--partly the photo, mostly the subjects. I mean, he looks like he's in such deep thought. Some babies radiate innocence, some exude joy, but this one's got all that and wisdom too--it's written all over his furrowed brows.
125 of 365

126 of 365: I know, I know, I'm supposed to leave the flower photos alone and not run them through Photoshop until they're barely recognizable!
126 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I enjoyed the candidness of these photographs!

That's a cute little Yoda newborn...


Lucinda said...

Perfection! That explains every picture you take. I love the one with the little girl and her cute little belly! I'm feeling crappy so it's nice to look at something and for a few minutes while I ooh and ahhh feel good. :) Thanks for sharing your awesome work Lam!

LH said...

I, just a little while ago, if you looked at my favorite pictures, they were all of the boys staring straight into the camera with smiles on their faces. But the photos that I enjoyed when looking at other people's work were the candid shots. I didn't aim for this look but it makes sense that I started capturing what I like best--when I figured out how to do it.

Lucinda, I'm really looking forward to seeing your photography develop as well! I love the look of your pictures as well!