17 May 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 17

I'm not entirely pleased with this week's offering but I have to step back to see the forest (I'm such a trees-and-other-minute-details kind of person!) and trust that the 365 Project is slowly making me a better photographer even though individual weeks may be bad--or at least worse than the preceding week.

113 of 365: I have no clue why I picked this mundane shot to be the 365 photo of the day. I'm not even sure it's in focus.
113 of 365

114 of 365: Wow, is that boring or what?!?
114 of 365

115 of 365: This one's both repetitive and boring. At least I'm learning about my lenses' capacities now that I'm not Photoshopping the flower pics.
115 of 365

116 of 365: It was so dark and crowded (notice all that stuff obstructing the camera's view?) that it made for a dreamy feeling. I've learned to deal with grainy photos in the dark...better than the pop-up flash, I suppose.
116 of 365

117 of 365: I like how the petals get transparent as the flower withers.
117 of 365

118 of 365: Not my best effort.
118 of 365

119 of 365: This photo is sort of useless without a sense of scale. A seagull or two might have helped.
119 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

That last pic of the ocean seemed almost like a painting!

I think you're right, that in your development as a photographer, you will have times where things don't seem to be moving forward and you're not happy with the results--but that you're still developing nonetheless (no pun intended).

There are days where my sketches are for crap but the important thing was that I bothered to sketch at all.

At least that's my philosophy. :)

LH said...

Yes...I like your philosophy about bothering to sketch at all. That's part of the reason I really wanted to embark on this 365 journey (eh, eh...an analogous one for your sketches?) because I wanted to get into the habit of doing it all the time. Sometimes it's a chore and sometimes it's a joy but I'm always proud at the end of the week that I've done it--even if the results were not what I'd hoped for.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hm, perhaps I shall embark upon another daily activity!

I usually go out with the best of intentions (camera or sketchpad in hand) but then don't bother...

I'll experiment with different behavior, see if it's something I want to do.


LH said...

Hmm...then again, there really are so many minutes in a day for you.