05 May 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 15

Wow, I've been an online slacker lately. My emails, which include a why-aren't-you-blogging-are-you-sick-or-something note, are piling up and I haven't been on Facebook in ages. I'm even 2 days late posting the 365 photos from last week. Hopefully, I will start picking up the slack henceforce. (Other than days 99 and 105, they're all SOOC.)

99 of 365: This was in Downtown Disney. I know, enough with the textures already, huh?
99 of 365

100 of 365: I don't normally position objects dead center, but this seemed to call for it.
100 of 365

101 of 365: Looking back, I can't remember why I picked this photo out of all the ones I took that day.
101 of 365

102 of 365: These two look like they're doing the tango.
102 of 365

103 of 365: I can't leave faces well enough alone so I'm sure I tweaked this somehow but can't remember what was done to it. There should have more children's photos this week. I like flowers and all, but I love kid photos, especially if I know the kids well. I can't believe this gal is starting preschool in the fall...time flies.
103 of 365

104 of 365: Disney's California Adventure. The flowers there are beautiful--less contrived plantings than in Disneyland itself.
104 of 365

105 of 365: It's odd that I always have my camera on me when we're out and about on our daily adventures, but the photos I like the best are the ones in our own backyard.
105 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Such uncommon views of common flowers; I appreciated the perspective!


LH said...