03 April 2009

How does your garden grow?

Maybe Mary was so contrary because large pests got into garden and flummoxed her. I certainly know that I am flummoxed! Despite poison, smoke bombs, organic deterrents, flooding, and traps, our yard is full of gophers who have, thus far, stolen 2 tomato plants, 2 okra plants, and an eggplant. And these were not little seedlings, they were months-mature sturdy plants. And let's not even talk about the rabbits that went through all the rows of corn that just sprouted. Argh!

Here's A2 with a look of shock and awe when he came out to examine his garden.
garden amazement

Just a few days after I snapped this photo of the cornrows, the bunnies had their buffet.
garden corn

Fortunately a good number of the other plantings still remain, among them, a tomato, some herbs, and squash.
garden tomato
garden herb
garden herb 2
garden squash


Ivan Chan Studio said...

One of my favorite moments in a garden is seeing the first sprouts and primary leaves!

Poor A2 (who's sportin' quite a full head of hair there!). Did he get upset about his patch being used as a salad bar?

LH said...

We have a daily ritual of checking out the veggie patch and talking about any new changes so he has really attuned himself to the different plants, and that's why he was so shocked. Sad, but kinda funny esp w/ that expression, you know?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Sad but kinda funny is something with which I'm very familiar!

Such truth in his expression!