24 April 2009

Foto Friday: What do you do with your digital photos?

Before the now-defunct family website and this blog, I printed out the best shots and put them in photo albums. The boys always enjoyed looking at themselves and reviewing fun events. But now we just scroll through the most recent pages here and that seems to satisfy them. I'm leaning towards no longer printing out the photos because I've got a stack about 300 strong that has yet to be organized chronologically into the albums--and it becomes more and more of a daunting task as the months go by and more photos are added.

Maybe I should leave well enough alone and just store them on my hard drive undisturbed. Maybe I should collect them annually and order bound, hardcover photobooks. Maybe I should just keep on bloggin' and only print out a few enlargements for display at home. I just don't know! What do you do with your digital photo files?

While you mull it over, here are some random photos of the boys:


Michelle said...

I've had to start archiving off onto DVD which I then store in the family safe. I've only ever printed out a handful though I've got a whole collection that I've squirreled away for "to post process/print" for artwork on the (still!!) bare walls here :)

LH said...

You have nothing to feel bad about...at least you just moved in, relatively speaking, that is. We've been in our house for 7 years and there are only 3 photos of us on the walls. There are 2 of the boys in the master walk-in closet--weird, I know. And the gigantic wedding portrait (which I don't exactly love) in the living room.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Sounds like it's time for home decoration!

I think archiving on DVDs is a great idea and/or backing up/storing on multiple hard drives (I have issues with trust, I know). Ordering a photo album would be nice, too, but that's a lot of space!

If you are interested in displaying, I would also suggest a digital photo frame, since they can be "slideshows" and that means multiple pictures, one frame = great use of space and you get to enjoy more than just one pic.

The wonderful thing about having so many photos and more coming is that you get to change things up a bit. Go to IKEA (start Swedish accent) and buy yourself some picture frames doh-dee-doh (that's the Chef speaking).

Go wild, hang stuff all over, change it up a bit--all with style, design, and an eye for composition, of course. It's time to make another mark on the ol' canvas.


attorneymama said...

I printed and put into slip-in photo albums for the first 20 months of Ben's life. Nothing has been printed and added to the albms since Lily's birth 16 months ago. Oops. I want to print and organize at least through the first year of Lily's life and then I will figure something out from there.

The kids and i enjoy looking through the printed albums!

LH said...

Ooh, I like the idea of a digital frame!

Poor Lily...such is the life of a second-born. :P

Brett said...

We make archive discs, too, keeping one of each at home and sending copies to the grandparents.