17 April 2009

Foto Friday: The great shoot out of '09

I know, I know, it's like Foto Everyday on this blog recently!

I'd noticed that I wasn't the only mama whose children will grow up to assume they were motherless based on photographic evidence. To rectify the lack of our presence in photos with our children, I scheduled a playdate today to gather some babywearing mamas and their munchkins so we could photograph each other. I noticed that I strongly favor silly over formal when it comes to pictures of mamas and their babies.

Here are a few of my offerings:



Lucinda said...

Awww I'm so bummed I didn't come! Boohoo I'd love to get some photos of me and me kiddos. ahhh boohoo!Okay now that I'm done crying LMBO Great photos LAM! As always I love looking and admiring your awesome photography skills! :) Two thumbs up!

LH said...

We should get together before June--portraits of you & boys would be awesome Father's Day present!

attorneymama said...

Gorgeous pictures. I am envious of your lack of shadow spots on people. I am not savvy enough with photoshop to edit them out! Or did you take your pictures later in the day, thereby saving yourself the shadow issues?

LH said...

If I see a harsh shadow, I won't even take the photo. That's why I kept pulling folks away from the sand pit, which was getting lots of direct sunlight, for their photos. In fact, I chose that park specifically because of the open shade from the great tree coverage.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

This looks like it was so much fun!

Of course, knowing sign language, I see the first few pics of the mama and baby making signs for "devil," which reminds me of the kid I interpreted for and his obsession with "Daredevil."

I actually have a shot of him signing that, too, and it makes me miss him when I see it.


Kristine Lammers said...

Hi! What a great blog! So polished and your photos are amazing! I think you have found a new career path!! I am in for the next photo-play date!

LH said...

I, that mama and child actually do know sign language!

Kristine, actually, I just put in the calendar on the 19th at Heritage Park again. Go RSVP to it! :)