27 April 2009


Isn't it funny--and miraculous--the way there's always more room in your life, your heart, and your home? Before we had kids, James and I had this silly notion that they would be relegated to their rooms (Ha! Four years of co-sleeping later...) and their toys would be neatly tucked away in designated areas (Double HA!!!).

This is our upstairs hallway.

Unfortunately, the entire city--buildings, vehicles, people, and such--have all be put away so it lacks the usual chaos. But, c'mon, if these guys lived with you, you'd have no choice but to make room, right? (Focus on the cuteness and ignore the wet, sandy faces and G-I-A-N-T black grapes in both of their mouths.)


Ivan Chan Studio said...

They are in heaven!

Big, black grapes. Such memories, they seem like such archetypal fruit--and yet, I didn't have many as a child because I thought spitting out (or swallowing) the seeds was too much trouble and ruined my fructarian pleasure. So I stuck with seedless green ones (ladyfinger variety?).


H F W said...

We said the same thing about kids, too -- they would have their own space. HAHA! Yeah, um, at least they will when they move out! Even the new baby, who has yet to be born, has his stuff sprawled around.
And when you look at those faces, gosh, how could you not make room??

LH said...

I, those giant grapes are seedLESS. Hurray for genetic engineering!

H-Dub, I bet there are plenty of (non-AP) parents with children who occupy their own designated space. ;)