02 April 2009

A dozen days of Disney

(First off, I just want to say how I've always loved alliteration. Always alliterating. See? [And parenthetical statements. I adore these little asides!])

In February, I finally caved and got annual passes to Disney and we've been going like mad in anticipation of the upcoming spring break and summer blockout dates. In just 8 weeks, we've been there 12 times! I've already documented the first 4 trips so here is our 5th:
Disneyland 5th A1
Disneyland 5th A2

The 6th visit:
Disneyland 6th 1
Disneyland 6th 2

The 7th visit:
Disneyland 7th
Disneyland 7th A2

By the 8th visit, I started to think that maybe I didn't need to drag my enormous camera with me. I mean, can you even tell they're on Casey Junior?
Disneyland 8th A1
Disneyland 8th A2

But on the 9th visit, they were being so cute that I realized I had no choice but to keep my camera on me at all times. Here is A1 playing the "I'm not touching you" game.
Disneyland 9th 1

A2 will join in on the fun...
Disneyland 9th 2

until it invariable takes a turn for the worse and morphs into the "I'm touching you" game.
Disneyland 9th 3

That rarely goes over well with A2.
Disneyland 9th 4

No worries. All was well between the brothers by the 10th trip to Disneyland.
Disneyland 10th

On the 11th visit, I went back to using my old lens. I don't love.
Disneyland 11th 3
Disneyland 11th 1
Disneyland 11th 2

And finally, here's our last trip before the spring break blockout:
Disneyland 12th 1
Disneyland 12th 2
Disneyland 12th 3
Disneyland 12th 4


Amber Riley said...

Cute pictures but you are CRAZY to go there so much. I am exhausted just thinking about it! :)

LH said...

No way, Amber! 2 or 3 hours once or twice a week is WAY easier than a marathon 10-hour day! :)

attorneymama said...

Ah, I actually love the Spring Break blockout because I have an unlimited premium pass. Why? Because I can go during the "passholder" high-times and not find a crowd because the tourists don't frequent the places we passholders frequent (aka the lame stuff like Snow White's wishing well). We were just there yesterday enjoying the band!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Who needs TV when you can actually live in the fantasy?

The kids look happy and of course, the I'm-not-touching-you-game and fallout were hilarious.

I will laugh at the misery of anybody, including children!

Sick, sick I say!


LH said...

I, your laughter at A2's misery is shared by A1. Seriously, what makes big brothers experiment with the frustration tolerance of their little brothers like that?

Ivan Chan Studio said...