14 April 2009

Bitchin' Kitchen!

When you step through our doors, you are transported back to an era without television, a time when wives didn't work outside of the home and spent their time pining for sewing machines and kitchen appliances with all the fancy gadgets. I am, of course, said wife. So imagine my sheer delight when James announced that we could remodel our kitchen as soon as the mortgage is paid off in 8 years! The boys will only be 9 and 11 at that point so we will get plenty of time in the family kitchen before they both fly the coop.

This is our kitchen. I don't love it. And that's hard because I spend about 90% of my waking hours at home in this unloved place.

This is our dining room. I love it. And that's equally hard because I spend about 0% of my waking hours at home in this place.

I think it would be amazing if the unused dining room and the much used kitchen were merged to make full use of the space. I also think that the kitchen could open up a little more to the family room by knocking down the two non-load-bearing partial walls. I don't really have much of a plan outside these two thoughts, but knowing that they might come to fruition some day is just too wonderful!


H F W said...

I'll be honest; I like your kitchen a lot. Maybe it's the island. We've never had an island. I sometimes daydream about taking all of my veggies to an island in the kitchen and chopping them in an uncluttered space. Sigh.
I also like the abundance of alphabet magnets on the fridge door. Seriously.
Yet, I also understand your desire for a remodel. When you've had something for awhile, a change is always nice.

LH said...

Actually, I hate the island--not all islands, just that one. It's not large enough to be functional (okay, that might have to do with the 2 kids who are usually perched on it while I'm cooking), but just big enough to be in the way. The previous owners had it put--kitchen originally had a longer counter/bar instead. I would actually have preferred that to make enough floor space for kids to play while I'm cooking/cleaning.

But really, a remodel would be more for including the dining space into the kitchen than anything. Such a large wasted space!

Um...yeah...that's a lot of magnets!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, interior design!

Sorry you don't love your kitchen (especially because you spend so much time there).

Start the countdown!


Lucinda said...

Oh I love your house it's awesome! That is awesome to have your house paid off in 8 years! wow! Lucky! What nice reward at the end when it's paid off to get your kitchened remodeled! Sweet!

LH said...

We took out a 15-yr loan, so that's why we're done w/ the mortgage so quickly.

attorneymama said...

Oh, that sounds fantastic! Our kitchen needs a major overhaul, but it is at least 5 years in my future. Enjoy!

The Frugalista said...

I had to LOL @ this. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's from the era vefore tv... but it is definitely 80's-tastic. And I can sympathize. Mine is original '62. Go us!

Brett said...

I agree with Frugalista, this kitchen belongs to a wife who knows how to use a fax machine, and aspires to have a brick cell phone. I'll trade ya! I don't even mind the corian bar around the corner with the snazzy accent strip.