26 April 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 14

92 of 365: Here is a remaining (for now) tomato among the well-eaten vegetable patch. I'm getting a little tired of the gophers and rabbits eating the vegetable plants and the birds eating all the fruit off the different trees in the yard.
92 of 365

93 of 365: We went to Balboa Island and ate at the Ruby's at the end of that pier. Yes, I've just discovered how to Photoshop textures and now I'm experimenting. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry! Every once in a while, I come upon a new (to me) technique and go a little wild. But I really enjoy the vintage-y feel.
93 of 365

94 of 365: SOOC, even though it's sort of underexposed and hurts a little to step back instead of fussing with it.
94 of 365

95 of 365: Also SOOC, also underexposed!
95 of 365

96 of 365: The only edit I made was to crop--but it was a pretty hard crop with only about 1/5 of the original composition remaining. This is the third underexposed shots in three days--that should teach me to compensate accordingly but somehow I don't think I'll remember.
96 of 365

97 of 365: I like the literal mirroring that reminds us of the symbolic one between mothers and their children.
97 of 365

98 of 365: SOOC, manual focus even. Hmm...Snagglepuss called and he wants his focus adverb back.
98 of 365


Amber Riley said...

Awesome pictures as usual... I really like the one of the pier!

attorneymama said...

Lam, that is a totally creepy picture of me. LOL. I hope that isn't the best of the batch from Friday night!

I am curious to see the ones I snapped of you and Alder. Anything good?

LH said...

Thank you, Amber!

attymama, the photos you snapped are beautiful! Thank you so much!!! And I think you look great in that pic--but you might like the other photos better (I'll post to FB in a little bit). Of course, when I first glanced at it quickly, it looked like you had hair coming out of your mouth. Heh. Seriously, one of these days, I'm going to get a good-hair photo of you!

Lucinda said...

Breathtaking! :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Of course, one of my faves is the vintagized photo!

The one with the mother mirroring her infant is wonderful, too--there's a classical quality to the images you take.


H F W said...

I really enjoyed your pictures this week. Gosh, the pier shot made me miss California!
And Sarah's picture is so cute!