19 April 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 13

85 of 365: Boring. But at least it's SOOC.
85 of 365

86 of 365: Boooooooring. Also SOOC.
86 of 365

87 of 365: My friendship with this little guy's mother is on its 28th year. Wow.
87 of 365

88 of 365: I like this photo...and I had no plans to take it. Was walking out the door and snapped a quick shot without thinking.
88 of 365

89 of 365: This turkey came right up to us. It's a little gross--and scary.
89 of 365

90 of 365: Aw...tender moment. There's something so comforting, so identifying about mama's hair. Last year, I had my hair chopped off for Locks of Love and A2 cried and didn't want me to hold him for the rest of the day. And then the next day, he kept stroking it and making funny faces at it.
90 of 365

91 of 365: Celery (coriander?) to round out the SOOC shots this week.
91 of 365


H F W said...

If you think that turkey was scary live, you should have seen the one I took a picture of dead! Yikes.
Love your mommy/two girls photo. What emotion!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Do the leaves of the celery-coriander thing smell like cilantro (because then it is; coriander is the seed part of the cilantro plant).

What does SOOC stand for? I'm sure it's in one of your previous blog posts which I'm about to read.

BTW, so damn hot over here, can't think.

LH said...

Hy, um...yes that dead turkey was a scary sight indeed. Made for a great photo, though!

I, SOOC = straight out of (the) camera. I'm sort of getting known for my Photoshop and I thought it bad because postprocessing my photos takes a long time and because I'd rather be known for good composition. So now I'm on a SOOC kick.