12 April 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 12

78 of 365: Went to the Bowers Museum on their free Sunday and fell in love with hand carved corbels.
78 of 365

79 of 365: Went to the Discovery Museum on their free Monday and the kids fell in love with bubble play.
79 of 365

80 of 365: Getting our proofs from the photo party made want to get better at capturing families with my own camera. I still suck eggs, but I'm trying. Though I realize it does help when you know and adore the subjects as I do this beautiful family below.
80 of 365

81 of 365: Is it wrong that I'm obsessed with blue-eyed babies? The way the light reflects is just mesmerizing. About a year ago, I would have deleted a photos like this: no smile, no direct eye contact with the camera. But now I see that it follows the rule of thirds, is naturally framed by the wall color, table reflection and other structures, and really shows the sweet nature of this little gal.
81 of 365

82 of 365: What a difference a year or two makes! I usually take photos of kids who are at max 4 years old, so imagine my delight to have an older sister who actually poses for the camera.
82 of 365

83 of 365: This was taken in a dark industrial warehouse and I didn't expect the flowers to look so beautiful surrounded by their own reflection in the plastic wrapper.
83 of 365

84 of 365: We went to an egg hunt put on by the city (our third this week!). I've taken better photos of the boys' second cousins before, but this was the only photo I snapped on Saturday that wasn't of the boys so it made it into the 365.
84 of 365


Amber Riley said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new top picture and colors. Great job!!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Lovely, entrancing photos.

I also enjoyed the "free museum day" captions. Made me giggle!