05 April 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 11

71 of 365: Here's the side of our pool. This would have been more dramatic had I crouched down lower so that I was level with the chairs, but I was too busy admiring the pretty flowers to consider the overall composition.
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72 of 365: This is the submarine ride at Disneyland, which is now tailored to Finding Nemo. I have mixed feelings about that.
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73 of 365: I'm so happy that I started a second vegetable patch this season instead of just using the small one from previous years.
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74 of 365: I got tired of trying to make it work with my old lens so I went back to my Nifty Fifty. Closed captioning for the colorblind: Lots of red and green pictured below!
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75 of 365: I like how the flowers we planted soften the lines of the front gate.
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76 of 365: I love this photo, and yet, everything is wrong with it. She's only 2 months old so she needed the Bumbo but she's all squished in it. There's a fusion issue with the railing and her head, which by the way, has highlights gone wrong because the only way to lighten her face enough was to deal with the whites of the overly highlighted areas. Plus there's the issue of all those clashing colors. But I know this girl and adore her family. So I love this picture anyhow.
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77 of 365: Asparagus fern...so pretty to look at and yet, such a menace in the yard. This photo makes me realize how much I rely on color because I looked at its tones after extracting the color and it sort of sucks.
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Brett said...

I love india hawthorn, an unsung hero of the garden. Asparagus fern I have learned to tolerate. You can never get rid of it, only confine it through pruning.

LH said...

Yes, especially here in SoCal where they do so well! I've read their fruit can be turned into jam but it seems odd considering how small those little berries are. I'm too nervous about those kinds of things or else I would have tried to eat them off the bush by now.

I've been battling the asp fern since we moved here. I'm losing.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Thanks for the closed captioning!

Asparagus ferns...I seem to remember them having thorns or something.

The squishy girl is SO adorable. Being a non-photographer, I appreciate learning what you see in your work, because otherwise I'd just be like, CUTE BABY!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, and that Finding Nemo themed sub ride...that bothers me, too.

I suppose it is a theme park and they do have themed rides, based on their other movies...


Mindy said...

happy birthday!

LH said...

Thank you Mindy!!!