28 April 2009

Time killer

After years of dedicated practice, much sacrifice, and some unconventional apprenticeships, I have mastered procrastination. One of my favorite off-task activities is to explore "interestingness" on Flickr. I continue to hit RELOAD until I see something that really dazzles me and then I explore that user's entire photostream. Children's photos usually grab my attention right away. I've always loved the honesty that can only be portrayed through children's eyes.

These photos don't have anything to do with anything, but I don't really have much to say about them, other than to post them that is. So I thought I'd cram them into this post. Sorta relevant, right?
family S
pimped ergo

27 April 2009


Isn't it funny--and miraculous--the way there's always more room in your life, your heart, and your home? Before we had kids, James and I had this silly notion that they would be relegated to their rooms (Ha! Four years of co-sleeping later...) and their toys would be neatly tucked away in designated areas (Double HA!!!).

This is our upstairs hallway.

Unfortunately, the entire city--buildings, vehicles, people, and such--have all be put away so it lacks the usual chaos. But, c'mon, if these guys lived with you, you'd have no choice but to make room, right? (Focus on the cuteness and ignore the wet, sandy faces and G-I-A-N-T black grapes in both of their mouths.)

26 April 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 14

92 of 365: Here is a remaining (for now) tomato among the well-eaten vegetable patch. I'm getting a little tired of the gophers and rabbits eating the vegetable plants and the birds eating all the fruit off the different trees in the yard.
92 of 365

93 of 365: We went to Balboa Island and ate at the Ruby's at the end of that pier. Yes, I've just discovered how to Photoshop textures and now I'm experimenting. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry! Every once in a while, I come upon a new (to me) technique and go a little wild. But I really enjoy the vintage-y feel.
93 of 365

94 of 365: SOOC, even though it's sort of underexposed and hurts a little to step back instead of fussing with it.
94 of 365

95 of 365: Also SOOC, also underexposed!
95 of 365

96 of 365: The only edit I made was to crop--but it was a pretty hard crop with only about 1/5 of the original composition remaining. This is the third underexposed shots in three days--that should teach me to compensate accordingly but somehow I don't think I'll remember.
96 of 365

97 of 365: I like the literal mirroring that reminds us of the symbolic one between mothers and their children.
97 of 365

98 of 365: SOOC, manual focus even. Hmm...Snagglepuss called and he wants his focus adverb back.
98 of 365

24 April 2009

Foto Friday: What do you do with your digital photos?

Before the now-defunct family website and this blog, I printed out the best shots and put them in photo albums. The boys always enjoyed looking at themselves and reviewing fun events. But now we just scroll through the most recent pages here and that seems to satisfy them. I'm leaning towards no longer printing out the photos because I've got a stack about 300 strong that has yet to be organized chronologically into the albums--and it becomes more and more of a daunting task as the months go by and more photos are added.

Maybe I should leave well enough alone and just store them on my hard drive undisturbed. Maybe I should collect them annually and order bound, hardcover photobooks. Maybe I should just keep on bloggin' and only print out a few enlargements for display at home. I just don't know! What do you do with your digital photo files?

While you mull it over, here are some random photos of the boys:

19 April 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 13

85 of 365: Boring. But at least it's SOOC.
85 of 365

86 of 365: Boooooooring. Also SOOC.
86 of 365

87 of 365: My friendship with this little guy's mother is on its 28th year. Wow.
87 of 365

88 of 365: I like this photo...and I had no plans to take it. Was walking out the door and snapped a quick shot without thinking.
88 of 365

89 of 365: This turkey came right up to us. It's a little gross--and scary.
89 of 365

90 of 365: Aw...tender moment. There's something so comforting, so identifying about mama's hair. Last year, I had my hair chopped off for Locks of Love and A2 cried and didn't want me to hold him for the rest of the day. And then the next day, he kept stroking it and making funny faces at it.
90 of 365

91 of 365: Celery (coriander?) to round out the SOOC shots this week.
91 of 365

17 April 2009

Foto Friday: The great shoot out of '09

I know, I know, it's like Foto Everyday on this blog recently!

I'd noticed that I wasn't the only mama whose children will grow up to assume they were motherless based on photographic evidence. To rectify the lack of our presence in photos with our children, I scheduled a playdate today to gather some babywearing mamas and their munchkins so we could photograph each other. I noticed that I strongly favor silly over formal when it comes to pictures of mamas and their babies.

Here are a few of my offerings:


14 April 2009

Bitchin' Kitchen!

When you step through our doors, you are transported back to an era without television, a time when wives didn't work outside of the home and spent their time pining for sewing machines and kitchen appliances with all the fancy gadgets. I am, of course, said wife. So imagine my sheer delight when James announced that we could remodel our kitchen as soon as the mortgage is paid off in 8 years! The boys will only be 9 and 11 at that point so we will get plenty of time in the family kitchen before they both fly the coop.

This is our kitchen. I don't love it. And that's hard because I spend about 90% of my waking hours at home in this unloved place.

This is our dining room. I love it. And that's equally hard because I spend about 0% of my waking hours at home in this place.

I think it would be amazing if the unused dining room and the much used kitchen were merged to make full use of the space. I also think that the kitchen could open up a little more to the family room by knocking down the two non-load-bearing partial walls. I don't really have much of a plan outside these two thoughts, but knowing that they might come to fruition some day is just too wonderful!