08 March 2009

Wee ones weeding

sourgrass 1

Oxalis pes-caprae is neither clover (though it has clover-like leaves) nor grass (though it's commonly called sourgrass) but is a horribly invasive weed that originated in South Africa and has spready through Europe, Australia, and parts of the US--especially the California coast. I let the boys have fun with it, but am careful to make sure they don't ingest it because of the naturally occurring and highly abudant oxalic acid. And trust me, these guys will put anything in their mouths for a quick taste!

sourgrass 2
sourgrass 3
sourgrass 4
sourgrass 5

A2 takes pride in his work:
sourgrass 6


Rachel said...

You can't even imagine how jealous I am that you have weeds. I might, but they're brown weeds from last fall that were never pulled.

I'm still giggling about your "oatmeal in hair" comment on my blog.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Spready and acidy!

I remember chewing on them as a kid.

It's wonderful to harness kids' energy, isn't it? Like inviting goats onto weedy property.