30 March 2009

"The true art of memory is the art of attention."

...so says Samuel Johnson.

Well, I suppose that means that entire weekends go by without my having paid any attention because I am often at a loss when asked what I did over the weekend. But I'm prepared to answer today because I took photos to help me remember, to help me pay attention.

A1 baked another batch of scones because I wanted to try store-bought lemon curd. Less lemony and more sugary than homemade--that's just an observation, not a complaint. I finished a whole jar by myself!

There were some Wrestlemania bouts. I called A2 the victor in this battle.

I took these photos at Bill Barber Memorial Park. We were at a portrait party (many consecutive, brief photo sessions without session fees and with discounted packages) because I was getting a little tired of not having any photos of me with the boys. They're going to look back at photos of their childhood and wonder why I was never there!

We drove to San Diego to make use of our annual zoo passes. There were some pretty impressive animals there, but for some reason I only have photos of flamingos and a parrot.

A2 enjoyed the petting zoo, jumping right in to feed the animals.

A1 seems to prefer his animals two dimensional.

They were wearing matching rhinoceros shirts, but I never got a good shot of them.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

You're like an omnipresent god in these photos, invisible but present and behind the scenes (lens)!

The portraits will be nice. :)


LH said...

I've just seen them this afternoon and I love them...makes me want to show my face on this blog!

Ivan Chan Studio said...