26 March 2009

Thankful Thursday, the wordy no-photo version

1. As we officially usher in Spring (not that Winter is all that Winter-y here in So Cal), I once again realize how grateful I am for sunscreen. I'm also quite pleased that the boys let me slather it on without putting up a fight.

2. A friend of mine recently lost her dad. I absolutely adored my own dad before, but this tragedy made me appreciate his presence even more.

3. Photoshop makes me happy. It's analogous to the question of which I enjoyed more, the therapy or subsequently being able to conceptual the therapy with others. I honestly can't say which makes me happier, taking photos or post-processing those photos.

4. Night-weaning has made this mama much happier!

5. The vegetable patch is almost fully planted now and it's such a relief! I slacked the last 2 years so I'm especially excited to watch this garden grow.

6. Okay, stay with me here as I circle around. Thankful Thursdays make me thankful! There are moments during the week when I think to myself, "Gee, this is really great! I should remember to add this to the list on Thursday." That means this little exercise is actually working to make me more aware of the wonderful things in my life.

7. I think I know what James is getting me for my birthday in a few weeks and woohoo! Am I ever thankful!

Okay, I'll stop here at lucky number 7.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I feel peppy for reading!


LH said...

Dr Pepper, the King of Beverages! (Did you know that the period was dropped in the 50's?)

Amber Riley said...

Ohhh, can't wait to hear what he is getting you???!!

Mindy said...

when's your birthday? mine's in a few weeks too.