19 March 2009

Thankful Thursday, the abbreviated version

1. I appreciate dirt. Things grow in it, like the herbs and veggies we just planted. And it's fun. Really, really fun.
digger A1
digger A2

2. Speaking of things that grow in the dirt, the loquats are ripening up nicely. I am so thankful for our homegrown goodies. I like eating them, and I really like giving them away as well.

3. Okay, so Peeps aren't exactly the reason for the season, but they sure make it sunny.

4. There is humor everywhere...and I am fortunately enough to open my eyes to it. For example, take this fabulous poster of styles from which you can select at the barbershop where A1 gets designs shaved onto his scalp his hair cut.
haircut chart

5. I know of families who had to get rid of their longtime pets when children came into the picture because of allergies or, worse yet, because of pet violence. Not us! The boys can be pretty rough with Paxil but he's always been so gentle.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yay, Thankful Thursday!

Hee hee! I love the designs. Those models aren't smiling either!

Mm. Loquats. I have an uncle who used to have a loquat tree and we would just pick and eat and eat and eat them. So tasty. He also had this weird fruit that had a snake-skin-like peel...I think it might have been a chayote or something. Tasted like butterscotch (almost typed "bitterscotch," jeez, what does that say about me?).

Peeps are unnatural and always a disappointment whenever I try them. Yet I keep trying them.

I miss da Pax.

LH said...

I hear toasted Peeps might be worth a try.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh! That's like roasted marshmallows, I'm game for that.

Maybe smash them between chocolate and graham crackers, too!