17 March 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The evening before the parade, A1 and I decorated his scooter. He's quite fond of the sparkly shamrocks so they're still there and will likely remain so indefinitely.
St. Patty's 1

The parade itself was spectacular! There was popcorn, snow cones, green PB&J sandwiches, green bagels with green cream cheese, and green milk. Oh, and there were a gazillion green cupcakes. Of course, Saint Patrick was there. And that made sense...
St. Patty's 2

but the rest of his cohort made slightly less sense.
St. Patty's 3

For some reason A1 spontaneously lost the ability to scoot so his dad had to pull him the entire time.
St. Patty's 4

Here is he trying, with tremendous lack of success, to hide from the camera.
St. Patty's 5

A2 enjoyed watching his brother from the sidelines and especially liked his hat...
St. Patty's 6

even though it didn't fit so well.
St. Patty's 7

But after a while, he wanted in on the action, especially since Batman was handing out green jelly beans, so he rode on his dad's shoulders and snagged some candy. He knows to eat it quickly or else I might just steal it from him!
St. Patty's 8

He promptly went back to twirling James's hair once his hands were candy-free.
St. Patty's 9

I'd say a wonderful time was had by all! I mean, I got to wear my shamrock socks, what more could a person ask for?
St. Patty's


Linda Brody said...

you're adorable!

Michelle said...

Hehehe, it looks like the everyone had a ton of fun! Though I am also confused at St. Patrick's companions. Sadly, the fangirl in me is like "But Batman and Spiderman are from completely different universes!" Cuz, you know, the Easter Bunny makes so much sense.

LH said...

Thank you, Linda!

Michelle, Easter Bunny had 2 green shamrock stickers on either cheek, so he was kosher. There was also supposed to be a dog and a clown. Oh, and I forgot to add that the firefighters came out with their truck. Weird. Fun, but weird.

Brett said...

The firefighters were there to see Smokey the Bear of course! The random cohort is so great. If only someone had dug out a Santa suit as well.

At the beginning of the sequence, A1 is starting to look so grown up...and then when the awesomeness of the parade makes him forget how to scoot, you remember he is still little. A very real story in these pictures.

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

I'm such a sucker for these parades ... even if Spiderman and a lamb are there and it doesn't quite make a whole lot of sense. Great pictures. I especially love the shot of A1 trying to hide from the camera, as that's the most frequent pose around my house these days.

hhemme said...

Those socks are great. They shouldn't be reserved for St. Pat's day.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, shoot. I can't stop laughing about the senseless cohort of St. Paddy!

Just a tidbit of trivia in case you didn't know: St. Patrick was said to have chased the "snakes" out of Ireland.

Snakes represented wisdom and were another way to refer to Druids; the story of St. Patrick's triumph is about Christianity conquering Druidism, the indigenous religion of the Irish!

I think that's so neat. The mythologizing, I mean; even though it happens often, the demonizing of the other.

Yeah, and it looked like a fun parade, too! :)


Ivan Chan Studio said...

And you know this day and its color-bigotry is TOTALLY lost on me. :)


LH said...

I, I love that bit about the Druids! I mean, not that they were driven out...just the mythologizing part.