21 March 2009

Just a scone's throw away...

I thought I hated scones, but as it turns out, I only hated the dry hard rocks that Americans dare to call scones. Enter the lovely and talented Angela, who has ignited my love for this Scottish quick bread.

The boys made some to bring to a park playdate for their friends--check out how careful A1 is with the flour using that back-of-the-knife method! (Sorry for the horrible white balance under fluorescent lighting.)

This first batch pictured below was a little overdone but the second batch turned out perfectly!
scones 1

I snapped photos of a few of their buddies at the park, but strangely, they really resisted smiling for me. I guess scones make children very serious!


Lucinda said...

Lam I love love love the pictures you take! Super awesome! Any suggestions on a beginners book to photography lol! I've started using my father-in-laws canon rebel xti. He didn't get to use it much before he passed away. I's love to take over and continue in is footsteps with photography. He absolutely loved taking picture and so do I only I don't have a clue what I'm doing other than point and shoot! ;)

LH said...

I used to get so annoyed when I would ask photographers about how to take better pictures and all they would say is keep taking them until you get better at it. Well, I kept taking pictures and they were totally right...I did get better! So I have no suggestions for books, but do suggest that you just grab that Rebel and keep it with you at all times and you'll see guaranteed improvement that would make your FIL proud!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I love scones! I had a friend from England who pronounced them "scAWNz." Nothing coney about them!

I think it's so cute when kids are precise and careful (like A1 with the knife).

All these unsmiling kids, I felt like I was looking at an Asian family album from the 1940s!


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

The second to last picture, the one of the short-haired, blue-eyed boy, is beautiful. It's like you can almost see into his little soul.

LH said...

Yes, Wiki told me that most of the world, including the place whence scones originated call them skAWNz. I call them scones because I'm a stubborn, illiterate American. :P

Hy, I love pics with introspective kids...there is always that soul-seeing thing involved.