02 March 2009

The scariest place on earth

Reasons I don't like Disneyland:
  • I need take out a second mortgage to pay for our annual passes.
  • We live 15 minutes away but it takes me just a little over an hour to get to the gate
  • After researching and going forth onto the toddler-friendly attractions, as labeled by Disney, the boys were still TERRIFIED! Our first trip was spent with A1's eyes closed and A2 crying. And I don't mean Space Mountain here--I'm talking Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan!
  • There is no open shade in the entire park. It's an amateur photographer's nightmare.
Reasons I will continue to go to Disneyland on at least a weekly basis.
  • We bring our own food and never buy any souvenirs nor pay for parking so if we go enough times, the average price per visit might actually reach a reasonable amount.
  • I'm getting helpful hints from old pros and that time spent winding around circuitously (redundant much?) with the other newbies to get to the parking structure will likely be cut down.
  • I accept and revel in the fact that my children's minds are TV- and video game-free and cannot take the excessive audiovisual stimuli that other children their age might enjoy. I know they can easily habituate to it all if I take them a few more times, but why bother? King Arthur Carousel and Tiki Room are just fine by us, thank you very much.
  • I will learn to adapt to the harsh light and it will make me a better photographer.
Here is our first day at Disney. Okay, so you can't even tell we're inside of Goofy's Playhouse, but it was the only picture I got that day. I obviously like this pic because it's the current banner.
Disney 1st

Our second day at Disney had us at the teacups. On multiple occasions.
Disney 2nd

The third visit is captured by this Dumbo pic.
Disney 3rd

I went wild the fourth visit and took not one, not two, but THREE pictures!
Disney 4th a
Disney 4th b
Disney 4th c


Brett said...

My kiddo was frightened by a lot of the supposedly young-kid-friendly rides, too. Tiki Room 4EVR!

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Wow, you caught some great shots of your kiddos for them not liking DL at first. They are so cute. :)

Amber Riley said...

We have plans to go to Disney next week with some friends from out of town. Your pictures got me excited for the trip. Looks like fun!!!

attorneymama said...

We cannot go on any "dark" rides, which includes Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's, etc. Our favorites are:

Dumbo, Casey Junior Train, Tea Cups, Carosel, Tiki Room (if I leave before the lightening), Jungle Cruise and the Fire Engine on Main Street.

LH said...

Brett: Plus, I love that you can eat in the Tiki Room. Well, we eat everywhere, but it's nice we don't have to be stealthy about it there!

Hy: I have to jump up and down and generally act the fool in other to get those happy shots!

Amber: Can't wait to see your own pics of Disney!

AttyMama: Wish we could make some of the evening Disney playdates with you but the boys nap so late and we'd never make it there in time! I should have at least consulted w/ you and other pros before we went the 1st time; could have avoided the Peter Pan tears!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I think I'm having Disney envy!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, and I miss the Poli-Tiki Incorrect Room. My parents used to have to drag me into there but when I've gone as an adult, it's just a riot.

Love those singing orchids! Like the ones you have in your garden.

I can see why the Peter Pan scared them--it's my favorite kids' ride because it's the closest thing to an adult ride. (They'll get over it. I got over my uncle taking me onto Space Mountain when I was 9. The only time I've ever thrown up after a ride and it scared me for almost a decade! Conquered that fear, though, and I hear the new one is better than ever.)


LH said...

Yeah, I love Space Mt. It's a little sad to go w/ the kids sometimes b/c I can only look longingly at big roller coasters.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oh, that's so sad!