12 March 2009

The Return of Thankful Thursday

(Because a Thursday would never take revenge.)

The blogs I love the most are the ones littered with abundant photos. So, when I was composing my previous entries under this heading, I felt compelled to supplement the text with pictures. It was too much pressure (self-imposed, I know!). But I miss that level of deliberate reflection so I'm whipping up another photo-heavy post.

1. The time it takes me to check out and drive home from the grocery store also happens to be the exact amount of time necessary for the ice cream to soften to perfection.

Breyers Snickers

2. These days, people so often live in isolation, without their friends because of online networking and without their family because they've all scattered great distances from each other. I'm really grateful to be so near my extended family and to have the time to visit with them. Here are the boys with their great grandmother, as photographed in horrible indoor lighting--their joy is unaffected, though.
great-grandma 3
great-grandma 1
great-grandma 2

3. I am grateful for my ability to let material things go. Other than books, which is whole other story, I don't strongly attach to things and can do very well without, and this leaves me with a very light feeling.

I gathered some old, long abandoned infant toys to exit our home via craigslist or Freecycle but then spied A2 excitedly breaking into the stash--that black blur is part of the piano behind which I was covertly observing him.

Where's A
I'm always happy to talk about A1's preschool to anyone who will listen because it's offered so much. There are tangible benefits too, like the class rabbit for the weekend,
rabbit 1
rabbit 2

...friends with whom we can visit outside of the classroom,

...and their sisters too! It's so cute that I caught this sib dyad both pointing.

5. I get to see my kids laugh in their sleep way more often than other parents who do not co-sleep. It gives me such a warm feeling to know they're having happy dreams.
Okay, so A2 is not laughing there, but he's definitely sleeping. And I should get credit for holding my breath and freezing long enough for this shot in a dimly light room. And for capturing those super duper rosy cheeks!

6. I was taught and closely adhere to the notion of living well below my means. The kids are happy to wear hand-me-down clothes and play with previously loved toys. Me too! I'm so grateful for my hand-me-down photo equipment because even though I shoot like a madwoman every single day, this little hobby of mine has barely cost us anything at all. Free speedlight, on its side:

7. My parents have always had great (edible) gardens wherever they lived and have applied their talents to my yard. They insisted on the Bodhi trees, which I've grown to love!

And recently, they came over to help with the expansion of our vegetable patch. That's my mother with the A's.
vegetable patch

8. I'm so grateful that garage sale season is starting up again. Your trash really IS my treasure. And I hardly ever spend more than $20 after a whole day of searching because I love it when they sigh, "Okay, lady, $1 for the whole thing!" Take this set of owl trivets, for example:
owl trivets

Or this set of embroidery hoops that I used with some fabric scraps to decorate the sewing room.

9. I'm like Facebook's personal spokeswhore because I go on and on about it. But I really do appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with old pals. Jenny and her son first met us at Disneyland for a fun playdate:

Then we invited them over to our house.

And now he might be joining A1 at his co-op preschool! Ah, Facebook...

10. A1 likes him some photog. I dig it.


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Great pictures and things for which to be thankful! I'm so glad Thankful Thursday has returned!!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yay, Star Wars reference! I'm moving backwards through your blog so I guess here is where I say again Yay! for the return of Thankful Thursdays.

Isn't that A2 sleeping? I mean, you'd know, of course, but he just looks like A2 in that photo!

These posts are such treats.

I dig those owl trivets, by the way. Such a find!

LH said...

Whoops, typo. That IS A2.