03 March 2009

No brassieres necessary

Because the boys are early risers and because they both still nap for much of the afternoon, our days are very top-heavy. They tend to go full-force from dawn to about 1 p.m, when it's pretty much over.

This weekend, A1 started by running downstairs to the foyer--in his pajama shirt and underwear--to play with the tracks he had laid down the evening before. He likes long trains.
trains 1

Of course, the unfortunate part of long trains is that derail quite often.
trains 2

A2 takes the safer course and prefers shorter trains.
trains 3

After a little playtime, we used the early morning light for a catalog shoot with A1 at the standard brick backdrop, which is actually part of our chimney, and laughing and contemplatively looking off--I see this pose in my L.L. Bean catalog a lot and got a giggle when I made him do it just for kicks.
IDoF 1
IDoF 2

Then, we went on a hike where we saw all sorts of little critters like bird, butterflies, lizards, and a fuzzy caterpillar. We didn't see any of the usual large-sized inhabitants of this canyon trail but it was still fun to talk about them and their different adaptations to this habitat and how they all relate to each other--I think I'm just an unschooler at heart.
Peters Canyon 2
Peters Canyon 1

Sadly, this hike was a bit ill-timed because it was just over 80 degrees that day. Still, it was a great chance to use my wide angle lens for the pretty scenery.
Peters Canyon 3


Brett said...

Amazing hiking photos!

LH said...

Thanks! The sun was so bright and made the colors so vibrant.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

You're going to get tired of me saying this, but these are great photos!

I especially love the catalogue pose--it looks like you both got such a kick out of it. :)

The hike is sweetly captured.


LH said...

Re: hike photos. James' pocket is sticking out and I didn't even notice b/c I wasn't wearing my glasses as they fog up when I sweat! Wish I'd seen it...would have definitely tucked it back in!