09 March 2009

Nesting...it's for the birds!

On our property, there are a lot of big trees that are frequented by many local birds. And every year, a few even choose to nest here. We saw this nest while playing in the yard.
bird's nest

She's really well camouflaged! See her now?
bird's nest circled

Here's a closer crop of the same photo.
bird's nest close

Wow, that's lazy photography! I just posted 3 different versions of the exact same photo.


Amber Riley said...

That was really cool!!! I bet the boys LOVED that.

LH said...

Yes! We're always finding lizards on the walls and rabbits on the lawn here! A while ago, we also got the butterfly kit you documented so wonderfully on your blog and we're looking forward to that as well.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Wow, neat!

Lazy photography? What about busy graphic designing (is that the non-branded thing to call Photoshopping?)? I love the circle and blurred surroundings in the second shot (I still couldn't see the birdie) and the last one was like BAM! There she is!

I do much better with human camouflage. That rarely fools me.


LH said...

I'm a Photoshop failure. I need more time to learn it, but I've already squeezed as much time out of every single day as possible!

Even w/ the new digital camo?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'm behind three or more generations of Photoshop, but what I have serves my minimal needs.

Yes, even the digital camo. In fact, I don't understand why they went digital. Maybe it was more efficient to print? I just feel like people are running around with terribly pixilated pants!