31 March 2009

Life lessons from a 1.75-year-old

31 posts in 31 days: After a week or two of daily posting, in March, I couldn't help myself from trying to maintain the perfect record through the entire month. I definitely will not impose this daily homework on myself in April!

A2 says sometimes you're ready to let things go,
stuck leaf

only to realize that maybe you weren't as ready as you thought.
stuck leaf 2

But keep at, and one day, you'll be free (notice the free floating leaves above his head?).
leaf toss

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.
~Author Unknown


Amber Riley said...

Awesome job on posting everyday in March! I am going to try and do April. Mostly because i have been a terrible blogger lately.. :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I think it was in Mission: Impossible 2 where the main bad guy commented on his squeeze betraying him that she was like a monkey swinging amongst the trees, and that she would not swing to another tree until she had another branch in her grasp!

That always stuck with me. (Actually, anything monkey sticks with me.)