13 March 2009

Foto Friday...Photo Phriday?

I don't plan on making Foto Friday a weekly tradition, especially since it's been Foto Sunday through Saturday around here lately. Still, I thought I'd write a little about my personal rules for photography and clothing...which I break all the time. The rules, not the clothing. Although there are some items of clothing in my closet that are left over from the 90's that I wouldn't mind breaking.

  • Please ditch the matching white shirt and jeans look. Please.
  • In fact, don't wearing matching apparel at all.
  • Clothing that coordinates is far more interesting. And by that, I mean everyone with different colors but same prints (e.g., yellow polka dots and orange polka dots) or everyone with the same color but different prints (e.g., red solid shirt and red striped shirt). And if you've got everyone in the same color/print, you can mix it up a bit by picking the same value of different colors (e.g., muted green and muted blue) or different values of the same color (e.g., dark blue and light blue).
  • Commercial logos, text, and other images may be cute now but do not contribute to the timeless appeal of a photo. Besides, they detract from the subject's best asset, his face.
  • Don't bother putting kids in their best Easter Sunday outfit and expect them to give you natural photos that radiate fun and joy. If they are uncomfortable, they will only radiate awkwardness and displeasure.

Sadly enough, I usually consider all these things when I dress the boys in the morning in case I take their picture together. Of course, there are days like this, when the boys were laying around on the driveway--I mean, who would have guessed I would end up posting photos of them lounging on concrete?

But then A1 ran over his brother and told him to lay really still while he positioned himself and proudly yelled to me, "Mama, mama, we made a T!" And now have I no choice but to share these cute images, uncoordinated apparel and all.
we made a T!


DustysSweety03 said...

How cute

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I am laughing hysterically.