27 March 2009

Foto Friday

Why I love taking photos of other people's children:

- I've memorized all of my kids' expressions in my heart. I see them in my dreams and I recognize them across a crowded room. But geez. Enough already. What mommy photographer doesn't love a little novelty in her life?

- Even if a photo of one of the boys is completely out of focus and shows only an ear instead of a face because he ran out of the frame too quickly, I still have a hard time deleting it. Fortunately, I'm not emotionally attached to photos of others' children and can see (or delete!) them for their compositional merits.

- There's a little flutter inside of me when a mother enjoys a photo I've taken of her kid. I enjoy(ed?) sewing for people, but that takes so much longer. And while a photograph takes longer to produce (it's my dependence on post-processing) than most people recognize, it's still quicker than a sewing project.


Lucinda said...

Ha you cracked me up! I thought I was the only one that has a hard time deleting picture of the kids. I get kind of sad when I do delete pictures. Nice to know I'm no the only one. :)

Brett said...

We have something in common, because I get a flutter enjoying the pictures you take of my child, too! ;)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yay for instant-er gratification!