05 March 2009

Expanded polystyrene foam

Analogous to calling all cotton swaps Q-tips and all adhesive bandages Band-Aids, we tend to call EPS Styrofoam, even though that's actually the Dow Chemical trademark name. Either way, it's pretty horrible stuff (and I'm not exactly a hardcore environmentalist!). Our local waste management folks will not accept it in the recycling bins and I certainly don't have the capacity to incinerate it properly. So, I thought we'd at least use it fully before it's unceremoniously dumped in our trash can.

This piece came as packaging for our outdoor cranes.

The boys use their toy hammers and golf tees as nails--never mind the spaghetti sauce all over A1's face!

They really have a blast doing building and construction work with it so I always have a tool tray with extra tees and a collection of hammers so they can tote it around at will.

And when they're done, I pull out the tees and they can start over the next day. We do this until the pieces are no longer usable in this manner and then I feel just a smidgen less guilty when I throw the big blocks in the trash.


Rachel said...

Oh, that's a good use!

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

You are so stinkin' innovative! I have much to learn. :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It's a pity they don't take polystyrene foam at the recycling centers (or offer pickup with the other recycling). I know with foam peanuts, you can bring them to places like The UPS Store to reuse.

Speaking of reusing, hey! If you can't reduce or recycle it, reusing it before chucking sounds pretty good to me--it's creative and educational, increases hand-eye coordination and all that excellent stuff. :)


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Oops, forgot to subscribe.

LH said...

There is also the added benefit of having to share the piece. In the photo of them together, you can see A1 instructing his little brother, who is watching his big brother pretty intently, trying to pick up his technique.