22 March 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 9

57 of 365: (Limestone Canyon Regional Park) Blech--I could tell it was bad when I snapped it. I'm too close to see the vastness of the range and too far to see details like those neat branches in the foreground. But that's all I could get by leaning out the van window.
56 of 365

58 of 365: Strangely, I repeated the same No Man's Land mistake again from the day before. I'm too close to see his whole body (no feet!) and too far to see the details of his face like my usual portraits. Oh, and the photo is WAY crooked...but not in an artistic way, just in a clumsy way.
57 of 365

59 of 365: Concentric stars!
58 of 365

60 of 365: Our climbing roses are blooming like crazy so I snapped this shot. I wasn't brave enough to completely crop out the rose even though I much prefer just the bokeh so as a result, I have a lesser image for my cowardice.
59 of 365

61 of 365: This is a photo from the I Dream of France shoot on Thursday.
60 of 365

62 of 365: Ah, to be 4 again...that's the life!
61 of 365

63 of 365: Saturday's clothing shoot. I had neither model nor mannequin so I used a tree instead.
62 of 365


Amber Riley said...

Those stars are too cool! What a neat picture. Thanks for including my little lady! :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Leaning out the van window?

I don't think it's too late to crop out the rose if you want. Sometimes bravery just needs a second chance to kick cowardice's butt.

Thanks again for sharing your photos and your process! The insight deepens my understanding and appreciation.

(There's something forlorn about the child's clothing hanging on a tree. Yes, I'm probably projecting. :) )


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

OK, I don't get it because I really, really like the first picture. I would dare to say it's my favorite out of the bunch after the stars. Those stars are way awesome. But that first picture is a gorgeous shot.