15 March 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 8

50 of 365: (society garlic) James occasionally jokes, "So, how's your 365 Flower Project coming along?" Hmm...that hits a bit too close to home, because I really do love photographing flowers. Well, I should be more accurate and say that I love rooting around in the yard after nap time for new (and spent) blooms--the photography component is almost auxiliary. In the 7 years since we moved here, I've barely spent any time or effort on the interior but have worked very hard on the yard, so I really do celebrate each and every single blossom!
50 of 365

51 of 365: (withered hydrangea) Of course, I feel like an unoriginal fraud. I mean, anyone can buy fast glass and take macro-esque photos of flowers. In fact, many people do just that!
51 of 365

52 of 365: (Moraea, fortnight lily, butterfly iris, whatever...) And yet, the flowers just keep comin', don't they?
52 of 365

Hey! Wait a sec! Notice anything about the last 3 photos? They're all a bit right-of-center. I just saw that while I was checking my code. Weird, I'm right-handed so I guess it makes sense that I'm also right-eyed. I never knew that though--it's like rereading over your own text but continually missing the same spelling error. My brain automatically centered these images and I never even knew I had a leaning.

53 of 365: I suppose it would be silly to follow the last 3 photos with yet another flower so here's a kid instead. I feel guilty because his sisters were there too, but I just get better pictures of boys. I suppose it's all the practice I've had with the A's. I like the bandage on this side of his face...he's such a boy!
53 of 365

Oh, man! I just looked more carefully and he's right-of-center too! That is so weird! I really never knew this about myself.

54 of 365: Oh, well. may as well take the path of least resistance...to the right.
54 of 365

That's a pretty intense look for a 4-year-old, huh?

55 of 365: I feel a little funny about repetition during this project, but oh, how I love my camellia bush! It deserves a second look.
55 of 365

56 of 365: I totally dig how this big leaf protects the little fig underneath--and how the major subject is reflected by the minor one in the background.
56 of 365


DustysSweety03 said...

Beautiful Pictures

Brett said...

I adore your pink camellia. We had camellias at our old house, but there isn't a good place for them at the new house. Camellias are one of my favorite flowers.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

It's funny the things we continually learn about ourselves. Try flipping your picture and you'll get another surprise (like seeing photos of yourself which is unlike how you see yourself in the mirror). We're born to be accustomed/adapted to ourselves.

Keep following your bliss for these flowers and photographing them! It doesn't matter how many other people have done what you're doing, it's how you do it that matters. The idea of originality/individuality is modernist (late 19th century to early 20th century) and you can buck it.

That said, it's difficult not to think of Georgia O'Keefe when someone paints a big flower or Ansel Adams when someone photographs landscapes in black and white. Regardless, it's what you see, all right-of-center, that catches my eye--and what's more, what you don't notice other people do, and it becomes as recognizable as a signature even if it's using the same lens and subject.

I love the withered hydrangea and protected fig!

Have you seen Robert Mapplethorpe's flower photography?


LH said...

No, I hadn't seen his flowers and don't really associate flowers with his work, you know? But then I looked them up (thank goodness for the internet)! So graphical and structural! His use of angular shadow is so interesting juxtaposed next to the organic forms.