01 March 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 6

36 of 365: Yay! The white peach tree has a few blossoms on it! My mouth is watering just thinking of this coming summer's harvest.
36 of 365

37 of 365: The corners of this little gal's mouth is evidence that I served pasta with red sauce at our playdate. She's so stinkin' cute!
37 of 365

38 of 365: I was walking out the door (literally...see her door?) when I asked my darling friend Brett if she had been chronicling her second pregnancy. Like me and many, many other mothers, she had not taken a single photo--as opposed to the detailed photojournal of her first pregnancy. So I snapped this shot very quickly. She looks so happy and beautiful...and I really love the way the sun highlights her hair. I'm so excited to meet this baby--and to introduce him to my camera. ;)
38 of 365

39 of 365: Disneyland castle, pretty sky.
39 of 365

40 of 365: This is one of the Sky Flower shrubs that I planted in our yard. I didn't notice anything odd when I snapped the photo but upon magnification on the computer screen, I realized that it totally looks like an insect! See the eyes and proboscis and how the legs dangle downward and the wings are flapping? C'mon...you see it, right?
40 of 365

41 of 365: Jenny and I went from fourth grade through high school together but only found each other recently, after a two decade long hiatus, through the technological marvel known as Facebook. It's fascinating how our divergent paths were but how similar we are as adult women and as mothers.

I've seen her 2 times this last week...and it's also true that I've seen her 2 times in the last 20 years! Here, she and her son spied a nesting bird in one of our trees in the front yard. I love that they are sharing this experience--and that I've expanded beyond my usual Mama looks at baby, baby looks at camera pose.
41 of 365

42 of 365: We have a dragonfly wind chime to which I barely ever pay any attention. But then, when I was taking a photo of it, I noticed the beautiful metal piece from which the chimes hang...and that's why I love photography. It makes me see more.
42 of 365


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Again, gorgeous work--you really do capture these moments (your moments and others') that make the world more beautiful to me.

Thank you for the gift.

Wow, that's Jenny?


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

This week's batch of photos are beautiful. Those peach tree blossoms are gorgeous!
And I love pregnant pictures. Look how she's glowing!

LH said...

I, yes, that's Jenny! Facebook is too cool!

Hy, I need to take some real pregnant belly pics of her. Wish you were closer...would love to chronicle your pregnancy!

Brett said...

My future child and I thank you for the beautiful photo!

LH said...

Brett, more pg photos to come! Plus, I can't wait to capture those little hands and feet. And please, eat up...I want to see some chub on this one upon arrival!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

You know, those white peach tree blossoms are so exquisitely photographed.