29 March 2009

365 Photography Project, Week 10

64 of 365: This photo felt like a vintage douche commercial.
64 of 365

65 of 365: We saw a tail-less lizard sunning himself! A lot of discussion about predator and prey strategies ensued.
65 of 365

66 of 365: The next day, he was in exactly the same place. He started walking slowly away from us and I got a better view of the tail stump. It was a little gross.
66 of 365

67 of 365: It's a Small World. I don't see much during an average day...just the yard and Disneyland, as evidenced by this 365 Project.
67 of 365

68 of 365: What can I say? I love babywearing photos!
68 of 365

69 of 365: A field of flowers. I think I like them close up better.
69 of 365

70 of 365: Skyfari in the San Diego Zoo. Terrifying.
70 of 365


Brett said...

#64 is so 70s! It could have been part of the Fabergé commercial where all the women are telling their friends about their awesome shampoo.

I am glad Small World hasn't changed much.

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Tonight when I decided to visit the blog and take a look at this week's photos, I totally did not expect the first sentence to go like this:
"This photo felt like a vintage douche commercial."
And after I read it, I did not bust into a fit of giggles like a bunch of 10-year-old boys who just heard someone say the word sex.
Nice. I needed that laugh.
Very lovely babywearing picture, by the way.

attorneymama said...

Oh, whose MT is that? I love the color on the body! (Though I would *destroy* those straps because I am a dirtball.)

hhemme said...

The carrier is from Kozy Carrier. It was one of their "in stock" carriers. The baby is doing a number on the light colored straps because he likes chewing in them.

hhemme said...

I wish I was creative like
Lam so I could make my own carriers.

LH said...

Be careful what you wish for...I may just show up at your door, sewing machine in hand one of these days!

attorneymama said...

Oh will you *please* show up at my door with your sewing machine? I want to be crafty so badly!

LH said...

Brett & Hy, nothing like a field of flowers to cure that not-so-fresh-down-there feeling, eh?

S, but my craft(s)iness has its limits. I wish machine sewing were as portable as knitting and crocheting. All that talk on the board is killing me and my 2 left hands!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I can't stop laughing at the first and last photo captions.