18 February 2009

Wristlet wredundancy

I know, I know! You're sick of seeing these pouches, but ever since I learned to sew zippers, I've gotten even speedier and finishing a project in under 2o minutes feels really good.

If it helps to dull the pain of your boredom, I will note that the interior is a shocking red (the exterior is an Ikea decorator weight fabric).
wristlet inside

To further console you, here are recent photos of a bundled up A1 and a very muddy A2.
winterized 1
winterized 2
winterized 3
winterized 4


Amber Riley said...

I LOVE the red fabric on the inside with the black/white on the outside. Very cool! PS Cute kids too!

Brett said...

OK, what exactly takes you 20 minutes? I spent more than 20 minutes this morning taking measurements for curtains, cutting fabric, and folding the cut pieces in pairs for next time.

It would take me more than 20 minutes just to run the pieces you photographed through the machine and assemble them, not counting the measuring and cutting. Or have you made so many it's like a production line now? Holy fast sewing, Batgirl!

LH said...

Thanks, Amber!

Brett, that's why I can't stop sewing these ridiculous things...it just goes go quickly now!