21 February 2009

San Diego Zoo

I have become an unrepentant light snob; I can't stand taking photos when there's no open shade. As a result, there are very few pictures of our otherwise wonderful trip to the San Diego Zoo today.

First, I made the boys sit in direct sun:

Then I took virtually no photos of them except for when they sat on some bizarre aluminum bear.

We were actually there to meet one of James's dear childhood friends from New York. All three of her children were sweet, funny, and very well-behaved!

I think A2 had a little thing for the girl.

Can you blame him? Just look at all that cuteness!

Oh, and I suppose there were animals there too. Actually, it was an amazing and educational adventure, so don't let my single animal photo fool you.

And there was also a sky gondola ride which scared the pants off of me.
As seen above, the Kramers (and their nanny whose name I've completed spaced) didn't mind it one bit--they actually enjoyed dangling precariously mid-air as such. I believe I was the only one who characterized the trip across the sky as a terrifying nightmare.


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

So much fun! I love going to the zoo. I bet the boys are at the age where they think it's pretty awesome. :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I confess: I laughed when I read that you thought the sky gondola ride was a terrifying nightmare!

I'm sorry it was so scary for you.

Oh, and that aluminum bear--I couldn't tell what it was. I thought there was a Terminator exhibit at the SD Zoo. Whee! Let's ride on the T-1000!


LH said...

Hy, we love the zoo too but the local one is so small so this was big treat.

I, you're not the only one! Even the kids were laughing at my terror!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Jeez, that's awful!

It reminds me of the time you were at a water slide. Wasn't that terrorful, too?


LH said...

Well, it was funny for everyone else! :)

Yeah, freefalling in a pitch black tube to be ejected in a pool at top speed...that's not my idea of fun.

I think it's because I spent the first 6 years of my life in a 3rd world country w/o TV and radio--my threshold for what I consider exciting is WAY lower than other people's.