09 February 2009

Raining buckets

It was raining pretty hard this weekend.
raining buckets

And that's a tough thing to deal with if you're a boy who loves being outside.

A2 watched from the garage, sighing at the rain.
watching rain

When it let up a little bit, A2 took full advantage. He didn't care how ominous the sky looked.
rain respite


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Oh goodness! It IS raining buckets. Your poor kiddos probably don't know what to think of this fiasco. We're getting rain today, too, but the high is 52! Woo hoo! Hope you get patches of clearing.

hhemme said...

I know how he felt. I was looking out the front window waiting for it to let up. I was trying to remind myself how much we needed the rain, but selfishly wishing it would stop.

LH said...

I was worried about your crops. I know you planted them when it was so warm out but this latest cold snap couldn't have made them happy!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


(It's raining buckets over here, too. Just had a spot of hail.)