13 February 2009

Public Service Announcements

PSA, part I: MOMS Club rocks! If you're a SAHM looking for connection and support for yourself and fun, enriching experiences for your children while working to help your community, then find a local chapter to join, participate, and enjoy.

I am so grateful to have met Heather through MOMS Club because she's a wonderful mama who is bright and funny and extremely photogenic too! This is Heather; she is excited:

She's just discovered that babywearing goes well beyond the Bjorn--I happened to have crafted this mei tai myself. She's also just discovered that with her baby on her back, she can easily tend to the needs of her preschooler.

PSA, part II: Babywearing rocks!

Purported benefits to the caregiver: Decreases incidence of postpartum depression and psychosomatic illness, offers more secure attachment to child, eases breastfeeding, allows for continuation of other tasks while still being with baby

Purported benefits to the baby: Decreases incidence of positional plagiocephaly, makes baby calmer and more soothed to diminish colic symptoms, provides necessary vestibular stimulation for neural development, aids gastrointestinal and respiratory function, allows quicker verbal and nonverbal language acquisition, encourages greater independence

Carries and carriers: You can carry your child on your front (usually facing in, though facing out is possible), on your hip, or on your back.
  • One shouldered carriers include nonadjustable pouches or adjustable ringslings and rebozos.
  • There are two shouldered carriers such as Chinese-inspired mei tais that have 2 shoulder straps and 2 waist straps, Korean-inspired podaegis that have only the 2 shoulder straps, Japanese-inspired onbuhimos that have the 2 shoulder straps and 2 rings at the waist through which those straps loop, and others.
  • Soft-structured carriers provide a comfortable and easy to use option
  • Simple pieces of cloth like long wraps, seledangs, and kangas offer ultimate versatility.

If all of this seems a bit bewildering, join my Yahoo group--we'll figure it out together. Oh, and those front page photos? That's A2 napping on my chest and A1 on my back a mere 3 days before I delivered A2!


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

That mei tai is BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented.
Great babywearing and mommy post. I'd go crazy if I didn't go to MOPS (a type of mom's club) and babywear.

Michelle said...

YAY for this post :) This totally reminds me that I really ought to finish writing my Babywearing 101 article :)

I told an online acquaintance about your group. She's in the OC with a cute little infant that she wears :) She also happens to be a photographer, her name is Sarah Chen :)

LH said...

Hyacynth, I didn't to say that MOMS Club was superior to other groups--MOPS is totally awesome too!

Michelle, I look forward to rdg your BW 101 article and to hearing from Sarah.

LH said...

Oh! I forgot to say thanks for the sewing complement! I love this fabric combo of decorator fabric (found at Wal-mart!)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Huzzah for PSAs!

I hope this starts a strong trend!