20 February 2009

Peanut butter, this town ain't big enough for the two of us

There are a few dishes that I always make from scratch because they fulfill my criteria of quick, cheap, and easy. Among these items are pancake and waffle batter, fruit compote, and whipped cream.

Hummus will now join the ranks. But next time, I just might follow an actual recipe because I was rather heavy-handed with the tahini. It was so nutty in flavor that I had no choice but to make hummus and jelly sandwiches. Yes, I'm one of those mothers who cuts sandwiches into shapes. And yes, that IS a toddler-sized bite stolen from one of those perfect rounds!
hummus & jelly

Golly gee, I'm out of content again. I'd better post some pics of the boys! ;)
A1 1
A1 2
leaf face


I often catch A2 mid-sentence these days.
mid-sentence 1
mid-sentence 2

This is a pretty serious look for someone whose head sports more fuzz than hair.
intense A2


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Photographing and documenting become part of the experience, then; I can't imagine you not having these photos of your children.

How fun to cut the sandwiches into shapes. I always thought sandwiches cut diagonally tasted better (especially the points).

Hummus and jelly sandwich, eh?


LH said...

We have a sandwich cutter that makes 2 dinosaurs nestled head to tail so that there is no waste. Genius.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

That sounds like an M.C. Escher cookie cutter!