24 February 2009


What kind of brazen megalomaniac quotes herself? The kind who's too tired to generate new content, that's who.

My apologies to those who have previously read this note on my Facebook profile:

25 Random Things About Me

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people, then click publish.)

1. I've been tagged 9 times and have ignored it thus far because I already feel like I talk about myself a lot. A whole lot! I don't know that I can come up with new and exciting tidbits because my life is as exciting as plain oatmeal. Plus, I hate tagging other people because it feels like such an imposition and I really, really don't want to be a burden on anyone. That's why I tend not to complete those email chain letters either. So I'm adding those who tagged me (so you can see that I actually followed through!) and few folks who might like to read this...but please don't take it as a request to compose your own 25 Things list...unless you want to. In which case, I'd love to read your list!

2. Brevity is overrated. Why be succinct when you can go on and on and on. And on.

3. I'm pretty out of sync with popular culture. I have never texted before and will probably never text in the future. I've also been inside of a Starbucks only once in my life. It was for a job interview; I didn't take the job. I mean, who meets potential employees at a Starbucks? That's just weird. And I don't have a TV in the house, but that's common knowledge because I like to tell anyone who's willing to listen. And maybe a few folks who aren't so willing to listen. But then I think that maybe I'm imposing too much. Are you sensing a theme?

4. I am pathologically prompt. In fact, I'm often early. I have absolutely no problems when others might show up late--you just never know with kids, traffic, or other mishaps. But if someone is pathologically tardy, that just drives me batty. I mean, if you're ALWAYS 20 minutes late, then start 20 earlier and you'll end up on time. It's just the courteous thing to do.

But I'm Asian and tardiness is a way of life in my extended family. It's called Rubberband Time because it stretches, twists, and contorts. I don't know how to reconcile the discrepancy between the reality of my life and my personal feelings.

Oh, and that potential employer who set the meeting place at Starbucks? He was half an hour late.

5. I had a foster sister whom my parents intended to adopt but then she turned 18 and instead, we just regarded her as a family member without the legalities. This must be some kind of Third World remnant because my grandparents did the same thing with a woman who is my mother's "older sister".

6. I was never a fan of cheese or chocolate until my 1st pregnancy. They used to make me sick--I couldn't even swallow. Um...that's not so much the case now.

7. I had a pet rat in college whom I adored. When he passed, I got another rat. But I never loved the second one as much. I've always felt guilty about that.

8. If I count all the sips of champagne from weddings and all the liquor that I've added to my cooking/baking, I would probably total about 10 servings of alcohol my whole life. I don't have any moral stance again drinking, I just never acquired a taste for it.

9. I don't talk too much about politics so many people don't know that I'm fairly conservative in many ways.

10. I love to write and take pride in my written work. I love words in general. I used to read the dictionary as a kid and occasionally still do so online. But I'm sort of a Grammar Nazi. Which is odd. Because I always have incomplete sentences. Like this.

11. In this world, people are generally categorized as cat people or dog people. I am a dog person. Cats are usually so independent and aloof. Who needs those qualities in a pet? They're supposed to be adoring and faithful. And frolic. Okay, so maybe kittens do frolic...but then they grow out of it.

12. I have a long history of failure when it comes to musical instruments. I never practiced piano as a child so I never got good at it. I started dating my guitar instructor so that was the end of that. I got too involved with school to keep up with the zither. But I console myself with the knowledge that I can play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the flute, cello, and harmonica. And kazoo.

13. Wowsers. Halfway point and I'm already having such a hard time digging up stuff.

I got my ears pierced when I was a baby--in the hospital right after my mother delivered me! But it's totally wasted since I rarely wear earrings. Or makeup. I really don't exert a lot of effort toward my physical appearance. Hm...maybe this is why I'm on time everywhere I go.

14. Most folks know I love 80s music but don't know that I love the Eagles. I have all their songs/albums and all the sheet music as well. I'm not sure why, given Random Thing #12.

15. I'm kind of a sucker up against peer pressure. I fold pretty easily. Take this list of 25 Random Things, for example. I wasn't intending to do it all, thank you very much, Wendy. :)

16. I've always had the need to brush my teeth before bedtime. Sometimes I've accidentally fallen asleep only to wake myself up and drag my groggy self to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

17. Speaking of sleep, I fall in and out of it a flash. I could be mid-conversation, mid-sentence even, and zonk out. And if you were to call me at 3 am (not that I'd pick up at this point in my life because we don't have a phone in the house and I never carry my cell with me), I would answer all bright and perky as if I'd been up for hours.

18. I get horribly nervous in novel social situations, like when I'm first meeting someone. With age and practice, I've gotten better at masking it, but I'm still all knotted up inside. This is not true in professional situations where I'm meeting a patient for the first time. I feel completely comfortable there.

19. Since we're on the topic of professional situations, I might as well add that I love neurotic people. At my last job, we would sit at our staff meetings and assign new cases and I would always jump at the ones with Personality Disorders attached. Not that I had to jump that high to be noticed...these aren't exactly the cases for which clinicians are clamoring. But there's something so rewarding about finding a way to like an unlikeable person--and getting them to like themselves as well. There is the added bonus that I'm strangely calm in the face of Borderline tendencies.

20. I feel like my 25 Random Things list has gone astray that makes me self-conscious because I have a need to entertain and please others. Again, only in social settings, not professional ones. You know, that's probably part of why I miss working (not that I would willingly give up my time with my kids). I was always on much surer footing in the therapy room than I am in my own life. I probably shouldn't admit that.

21. I love taking pictures. Okay, okay. That's not exactly news. But I'm on #21. Gimme a break!

22. I applied to only one college because I just knew it was where I wanted to go. When I didn't hear from them, I got nervous and called. It turns out that my paperwork was considered incomplete because it was mistakenly filed under 2 different names (my middle name, Nguyen, is a common last name and is, in fact, my mother's surname). They convened a meeting to assess my file for admission. Looking back, the possibility of my not starting undergrad right after high school is startling and terrifying. Seriously, would it have been much effort to apply to Riverside as a backup? (My deepest apologies to those whose alma mater is UCR for that ridiculous insult!)

23. Since we're on the topic of last names, I'll mention that my husband and I share the same one. It was his idea. He gets calls from professional Asian societies looking for speakers or offering membership. I tell him that he should take them up on it and then stroll on in to their get-togethers just to see their reactions.

24. My pinky is abnormally small relative to the rest of my hand. I share this trait with my mother's side of the family...and my younger son. I sometimes attribute my musical failure to my pinkies though the real defect is probably in my ears. That and not having the diligence to practice.

25. It took forever for me to join FB, and even after I did, my profile just sat there since I mostly came here to play Scrabble (remember the "exciting as plain oatmeal" thing?), but I'm really glad I got more involved because I got to reconnect with someone who is so dear to me that it's unfathomable how we got disconnected in the first place. You know who you are! ;) So to my new and old friends alike, thanks for reading this lengthy, egocentric journey of mine.

Oh, and I know you're shocked, but I'm going to sneak in a few photos of the boys playing with their lightsabers.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Go Jedi younglings, go!

Okay, so technically this is quoting yourself, but personally I think you're just sharing information about yourself that was only available somewhere else (Facebook). So you're actually being generous. Brazenly so!

I always think of braziers when I hear the word, "brazen."

Great. Now I see, bra Zen.


LH said...

Bra Zen. Ha ha ha ha! Now that's all I see too! I'm so susceptible to suggestion!