03 February 2009

Information that is of interest only to me!

I love learning new things but outside the academic rigors of actually being in school and having to write about or discuss said newly acquired knowledge, I tend to forget most of it. I'll offer a preemptive apology because these tidbits are probably not nearly as interesting to you as they are to me.

  • In a study of over 12,500 adolescents, it was found that 1 in 10 girls engaged in binge eating or purging at least once per week, as opposed to 3 in 100 of their male peers. Girls were more likely to purge but boys were more likely to binge; and, very few simultaneously engaged in both forms of disordered eating behavior. For girls younger than 14, frequent dieting and having a mother with a history of an eating disorder significantly increased the odds of purging. Girls who strove to make their figures like those shown in the media or who were teased by boys about weight were much more likely to purge, while boys teased by their fathers about weight were much more likely to binge. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2008;162:574-579.
  • 227 stage 2 breast cancer patients were followed for a median of 11 years. Those who were randomized to psychologic intervention had a significantly lower risk of recurrence and death than those patients who did not receive the psychologic intervention, even after controlling for known prognostic indicators at diagnosis, age, and type of surgery. Those who received the 26-session, year-long group therapy and education series but still experienced recurrence or mortality, did so significantly later than their non-intervention counterparts. At 12 months, the most powerful components of the psychologic intervention were daily progressive muscle relaxation and remembering that stress could adversely affect health. Cancer 2008;113:3450-3458.
Wow, this makes me glad I have neither a daughter nor cancer, though if I had the former, I would try to shield her from all those deleterious media images and if I had the latter, I would progressively relax my muscles religiously!


Michelle said...

Those stats about the eating disorders is exactly why we hope to instill that titanium backbone in TLE. Teen girls are MERCILESS, never mind the boys! I remember being reduced to tears on several occasions from other girls comments.

LH said...

I think sometimes it's easy to feel hopeless or incapable of affecting change, especially when you think about the genetic predisposition that some girls have--genetic markers can even indicate whether the propensity is towards bulimia or anorexia. But I know your parenting will give TLE a huge boost toward healthful eating behaviors and a strong sense of self.

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Wow, both of those studies were very interesting to me. Teenage girls sure can be brutal; I remember seriously despising some of the girls with whom I went to high school because they were just so mean!
And the power of positive thinking and relaxation is amazing. Stress can do such nasty things to your body, and I'm so guilty of letting stress get to me.

attorneymama said...

Very interesting studies. I am surprised by the boy binge statistics, but not by the girls. I think that the age of eating disorders is getting younger (though I have no factual basis for that opinion) as more and more girls are being raised by mothers with unhealthy eating, dieting and workout habits.

One of my biggest concerns with raising a son is the fact that my husband was a wrestler in highschool and hopes that our son will be too. I recall the high rates of eating disorders encouraged (and in many cases taught) by the coaches in that sport. Drop weight this week. Gain weight this week.