17 February 2009

Paint and glitter!

If you hear a voice within you say, "You cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
~ Vincent Van Gogh

artist 1
artist 2
artist 3
artist 4

I would almost always prefer that the boys make their own pictures instead of using coloring books full of other people's pictures. And on those occasions when they might use coloring books, it probably goes without saying that I encourage coloring outside the lines.

The top two were made by A2 and the bottom two were made by A1.
artist 5

The following photos have absolutely nothing to do with this post. The boys just looked really cute and happy, so I'm posting them even though they're completely out of context. See? I like to color outside the lines.
laughing guys 3
laughing guys 2
laughing guys 1


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

I LOVE arts and crafts time! We did our first big project a few days ago, and if I could figure out where on Earth Gabe hid the camera, I'd post the pictures!
Those pictures are so cute! I cannot believe how well A2 does with crafts; wow!

LH said...

Oh, yes! Would love to see pics! I'm very glad you're making good on your promise to post more photos this year. I enjoy your text immensely, but the photos lend so much more to...well...the whole picture (no pun intended!)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

So cool!

And I love the Van Gogh quotation.


LH said...

I, thanks! Because of the interactive nature of blogs, I think it can be hard for an author to find his (I have no qualms about using the masculine cuz I'm Old Skool) voice without an audience. When I first started blogging, I didn't even tell people about this site (it was embedded within our family site so it wasn't a secret either). But now that I have a few visitors, I find that I unintentionally tailor my posts. We paint all the time so it's not a big event, but I think this one was for you--because I knew you'd eventually read it.

(Btw, who loves parenthetic statements? That's right: me. [tee hee!])

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Tee hee!!

Yes, I had a feeling this one was for me. :) Thank you!

I agree that it's hard to find one's voice without an audience; like an object without a relation, a dog without a bone! But once that audience begins to form, I know it shapes my own voice.

I'm glad you found me again and your presence on my blog makes it feel complete.



LH said...

hahahaha!!! I love it! An object without a relation! I'm going to steal it and start using it...though it is a bit of an inside joke, huh?