28 February 2009

I Dream of France photoshoot

I am as pleased as Punch (but without any of the violence) to be able to offer my photos to the I Dream of France catalog. Here are a few detailed shots of some of the items offered:
IDoF shoot 2

And here are a few of the photos of A2 modeling an outfit:
IDoF shoot

There were a few outtakes. I think A2 is doing the obligatory lifting of the shirt to show you his six-pack, as any self-respecting male model would do.
IDoF outtake 1

That's quite a nostril flare.
IDoF outtake 2

The proper way to end a photo session: plop yourself down onto the concrete and look really sad.
IDoF outtake 3


Tootie said...

Really cute!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'm having Zoolander flashbacks!

Well, a model is bound to be tempestuous, so the plopping down can be expected. :)

I think it's wonderful that your work is in a catalogue for more people to enjoy!


LH said...

Thank you!

hhemme said...

Those models can be so touchy. Luckily he has good looks and a patient mommy. Congrats on getting your work in the catalogue.

Brett said...

We are so lucky to get to use your awesome photography! Your photos make a big difference; I can't explain how much we appreciate them. Someday I will find a better way to thank you than cookies and destashed fabric...

Brett said...

P.S. The "I'm finished now" sitting picture makes me chuckle. It's so honest!

LH said...

Brett, it's strange (and cute!) how it happens in an instant. Happy, happy, happy, done.

Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

How did I miss this post??!! That's awesome that you're submitting to the catalogue. Perfect SAHM job! Perfect. :)

LH said...

Hy, you probably missed this post because I'm a sneaky pre- and post-dater of blog entries. Lies, lies everywhere! I would never make it in journalism! ;)