10 February 2009

Hello, rain. Sew long, sunny days.

Yesterday, I thought we might go to Disneyland, but the rain trounced those plans. You can't see A1's face in this photo, so I will translate: Shock and utter disappointment.
oh no it's raining!

I let them watch the washer for a while
watching washer

...bang on the piano a little bit
piano banging

...and engage in some general household destruction (A2 likes to do EXACTLY what his big brother does, much to A1's chagrin)

...then I took them to Ikea. I made them think it was their idea but I secretly lurve Ikea!
Ikea 1
Ikea 2

After slumber claimed them for the night, I tiptoed off to the sewing room for a brief rendezvous with my machine. We made a camera strap slipcover so that I'm not a walking advertisement (there was a very large NIKON inscribed on the strap). The fabric print is too large for the small scale of the strap and the photo stinks, but you get the point:
camera strap


Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

We feel like A1 three to four months out of the year. I probably make the same face when I look out the door each day. ;)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Although Disneyland would have been fun, I have to say, IKEA rocks!

For a while, I could actually name the different pieces of furniture--AND recognize them in HGTV shows.

I had it bad. The nearest IKEA here is an hour away, but that didn't stop me!

Glad you made something, too. :)


LH said...

Hy, we've had lots and lots of sunny days/moments too so they aren't too cooped up.

I, OMG, did you do w/ a fake Swedish accent? B/c that would make me laugh my head off!!!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Is there any other way to talk about IKEA?

The Swedish Chef lives!